Governments are going to use drugs to reduce people to zombies

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Osho states, “Man will become ugly.”

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Sooner or later governments are going to use drugs to reduce people to zombies. Right now they are against drugs, but within this century, by the end of this century, all governments will be using them, because they are such a thing that they can destroy all kinds of revolutions in the world. There are already plans and already suggestions to governments that a certain kind of drug be put in the reservoirs of towns. It will be in such small quantities that nobody will know. You will drink the water and you will be drugged. It will change your chemistry and you will not rebel.

Now, Soviet Russia is going to use it sooner or later, and whenever anything happens in Soviet Russia, America has to follow suit. Once America and Russia do something then every other country has to do it to survive in the competition, in the rat race. Man will become ugly. Once the government knows that the chemistry of the people can be changed, many things will be possible. Once the child is born in the hospital he can be injected with a certain drug that becomes his innermost chemistry for his whole life. He will never rebel, he will never say no, and he will be obedient. He will be no more a man.

Avoid it!

Osho, Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast, Ch 13

Image by Simon from Pixabay

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