Germans… and Indians

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Osho explains the pure power of non-discipline.


The power that is the consequence of discipline is impure. This is the reason that whenever we have to use this impure power, we have to impose discipline – either by the police or a court of law or an army. Whenever we want to suppress trouble, we have to bring in an even bigger trouble. This is called “impure power,” and it is created through discipline.

That Hitler could create so much trouble for this world was due to the capacity of the German people to be disciplined. In India, no Hitler could ever rise to power. One can try thousands of ways, but you cannot create such trouble in India because it is impossible to make Indians disciplined. The power of the German society will always be a source of danger; it can always create trouble. If there is someone there who can lead the Germans, they will respond as one disciplined society. Discipline has sunk deep into the blood and bones of the German society.

In the blood and bones of Indians, there is no discipline. There is a reason for it. It is fortunate: because of this, however much we may have suffered, we have not made others suffer. We have endured slavery but we have not enslaved anyone else. To enslave others requires much discipline. We could never accomplish such a thing. Why was discipline not practiced in this country? The reason is that the true geniuses of this country, the spiritual masters, were free of all discipline. And it is the geniuses that the people will follow.

Osho, Behind a Thousand Names, Ch 14 (excerpt, translated from Hindi)

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