Animal Spirit Guide Connection: an Inner Journey

Tiny Meditations

A meditation technique suggested by Madhuri, inspired by Sarah-Jane Le Blanc’s book.


Below I am including the full description of this process which I found in Pet Whisperer, by Sarah-Jane Le Blanc. But I want to add that you can tailor it so that it works for you. For example, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and toss around with a sharply clear feeling in my brain, and doing some deep inner process is often just the right thing. I like to have a few different ones to go to, so was happy to discover this one. I’ve done it a couple of times and it’s really beautiful, helpful and grounding and wise. (The first time I met a protective black panther, the second time, a far-seeing giraffe with long curly eyelashes and a soft warm ruff down the back of his neck…)

So in that case, I’m not doing a whole standing-up or sitting ritual, as she suggests – I just stay lying down and launch into the process in my favorite way: by imagining that I’m taking 10 steps down some stairs. This brings me into the realm of the subconscious; and at the end I go back up the 10 stairs before I emerge.

I also don’t do the breathing stuff at the beginning, as I’m kind of allergic to messing with breath – I like to let it do whatever it likes, whenever it likes. Controlling it makes me anxious.

Also, as I’m not looking to become an animal communicator, but only want to consult and visit with my animal guide, I leave out the part where she says to ask them about communicating with animals. I just ask them about my own life.

But you can experiment with it as you like.

The Process

“Find a quiet place, where you are unlikely to be disturbed. As this is a special meditation, you might want to prepare your room with various embellishments, such as a lighted candle, crystals or relaxing scents. To begin with, make yourself physically comfortable, preferably with your feet connecting with the floor. Close your eyes and take in a deep cleansing breath through the nose. Release the breath through your mouth and push all the air out of your body. Take three deep breaths and, on each exhalation, imagine all your stress, anxiety and worries leaving you. Feel the tension leave your body, as you begin to relax.

“Now, see a white light shining ahead in the distance. Imagine walking towards it and seeing a doorway waiting for you. Make that door something beautiful to you – is it marble, or wood, or is it covered in jewels? Is it made of liquid? What colour is it? Now step forward and open the door – there is a gorgeous, fertile forest awaiting you. There are trees, flowers, bushes, everything you want to see. Do you want a river in there? A waterfall? Have one! This is your space – a safe space – a magical haven where you will learn how to ignite your innate ability to communicate with animals. Look around and allow yourself to become completely absorbed by your surroundings, let all of your senses come alive.

“Slowly walk down the path that has appeared before you. Become aware of how it feels underfoot – is it grassy? Stony? Wooden? The path takes you to a large clearing, Stop and breathe in the wonder of this enchanting place and all it has to offer you. When you are ready, invite your animal guide to step forward and greet you. Whoever or whatever appears, accept them immediately and give thanks for them coming. Ask them what you can do that will help you communicate with animals. Your guide is there for you – listen and trust. Remember what has been said so you can be sure to act upon it later when you return to the physical world.

“As you prepare to leave your guide, ask if they have a parting message or gift for you. Accept gratefully whatever the message or gift is. If you do not understand its meaning or significance, ask your guide. Assure your guide that you will use their gift in your communication work and that you will return to them again to learn all they have to teach you.

“In order to always stay connected with your guide, imagine a ball of beautiful pink light emanating from your heart and send this pink light of love direct to the heart of your guide – creating a beautiful bridge of love between you and them. Each time you communicate with an animal, invite your guide to step forward and meet you on the bridge of love that connects you so they can work with you and guide you in all your communications with animals.

“Thank your guide and say goodbye in whichever way pleases you. Walk back along the path until you reach the door that brought you to this magical place. Step through the doorway and as it clicks shut bring your awareness back to your physical world. Take three deep breaths and open your eyes.

“Write everything down that your guide shared with you. This ensures that you do not forget these valuable messages and lessons, and in time it will also serve as a record of your own growth as you progress on your spiritual path.”

From Pet Whisperer, by Sarah-Jane Le Blanc,

My Version

So – now I’ll give my shortened version: You can be sitting, standing, or lying down. Close your eyes and go inside yourself… clarifying your intention to meet with your Animal Guide or Animal Protector, or howsoever you want to call it. You can even say it out loud: “I want to meet my Animal Guide.”

Visualize some steps in front of you, going down (though if they want to go up, that’s fine too! When we are on an inner journey it is so important to trust what arises.) Count to ten as you go down the steps.

You find yourself in a long corridor, with one or more doors opening off it. Look around you at the corridor – what is it made of?

Stand before the door you feel is the right one. Look at it – is it carved? Wooden? Colorful? Made of water? Whatever it is, just accept it.

Open the door and enter, finding yourself in some natural environment – it could be forest or seaside or mountain or anything at all. Look around and enjoy… noticing the types of trees or the sort of beach-sand – whatever is there.

When I have done this meditation, the Animal Guide has come towards me right away and then escorted me to a clearing beside a pond – but you might find yourself looking for yours, calling out. Whatever happens is right – and it can change from session to session.

Then whatever happens, happens… you might walk or fly with your Guardian, you might recline or swim. Whatever happens, at some point you can be in a restful place and ask your Guardian any questions you have about your life. Listen carefully to the answers…

You might also cuddle with the Animal, pet it, if that happens. Feel its special presence. You can ask it for protection in some particular situation if you like.

When you feel it has been enough, thank your Guardian in whatever way you like. Then make your way back to the door, open it, exit, close the door, and retrace your steps up the corridor and up the steps, and back out into daily life. I usually clap my hands three times to signal the end of the session.

I certainly agree that writing down your experience afterwards can be very helpful.

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Madhuri is a healer, artist, poet and author of several books, Mistakes on the Path being her latest memoir.

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