Humanitas 〜 Into the natural state


Siddhena invites us to his exhibition at the Star Poets Gallery, Kyoto, Japan, 13 – 19 May 2022.

artwork by Siddhena

From the gallery

In a world that changes and evolves from moment to moment – even though it goes through various circumstances – we are asking ourselves what is happening inside of us, in every moment. We are happy to share through Sid’s work the importance of facing and fulfilling ourselves in a more natural state.

From the artist

What is this natural state? A paradise, some pristine garden of pure harmony, but which no one has actually visited?

Or simply our longing? Every morning we wake up and for a brief moment we are in a natural State – innocent, open, floating in our being.

A poet tells us “we have to get back to the garden” and so the adventure begins.

The questing artist probes and wonders with the tools of his art seeking out a key or a path.

Then on the way, in between the doing and the exploring, the natural mind begins to reveal itself and he finds himself in the Natural State – the real state of Now.

My art is in someways a ‘journal’ – records of shadows, motes of light, marks of power, sketches of fragility.

They are glimpses of my ‘state’ as that longing begins to become experience. So I invite you on board the boat called ‘longing’ as we sail in the Natural State!


SiddhenaSidd was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

His very early years were spent in Singapore, before returning to England for his formal education.

He studied stage design for theatre and television and received a degree at Central School of Art, London.

He then received a post-graduate diploma in art education at London University, and a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation scholarship.

His creative life has involved landscape and architectural design as well as writing, illustration and graphic design for publishing, while living in many countries both East and West.

He currently lives in Japan, holding exhibitions and teaching inspirational creativity workshops.

Address: 〒602-8158 京都府京都市上京区中務町491-71 二条城GALAXY601 – Kyoto City, not far from the famous Nijo Castle

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