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(12 March 1952 – 31 January 2023)

Atulyo 1

Larger than life

by Preyasi

My beloved Swami Atulyo died peacefully at home in Hawaii in my arms on January 31, 2023.

He passed away like he lived – larger than life, in his own, unique way, and full of love.

When Osho gave him his name, he said to him: Atulyo means unique without comparison – all and everyone is unique without comparison.

He taught me to allow myself to be loved, to accept that I am worthy of being loved, to never come from fear, and to trust my own abilities.

We had 38 wonderful, sometimes turbulent years of many adventures. The longer we were together the more our love grew. We were truly each other’s teachers on many levels and in different dimensions – and we never stopped growing together.

When Atulyo could no longer plan any long-term projects, I became his project. He wanted to make sure I was taken care of, in a loving community, surrounded with friends and supported. He also started cooking since planning a meal was an overseeable project. I got spoiled with culinary delights after so many years of cooking for him.

Atulyo wanted a conscious death, and that he truly had. We gathered old friends from around the world to come and see us or have video chats or messages back and forth with us, whenever Atulyo was well enough to do so. What a delight! Such a beautiful community stepped forward to support us with so much love. We both felt so held.

I can say for both of us with gratitude – thank you!


Atulyo and Preyasi 2
Atulyo and Preyasi 1
Atulyo and Preyasi 3


between Punya and Preyasi

Q: Is ‘Tools’ Atulyo’s nickname? Because he is so good with tools? And can repair anything?
A: Yes, you got it!!!!

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I’ll never forget his unique accent, sense of humor and smile. He was a joke unto himself!
Fly High and Far, Beloved 😘

Beloved Atulyo,

Each time a friend leaves the body, my first question is “How did he or she leave?” But my real question is of course: “Can I learn this ‘thing’ called dying, this complete letting go, which is at the centre of my search?”

And what a shining light you have been for me, Atulyo!

Never have I seen it in action so clearly, that this dying is about living. Your joy to live and to share, despite the challenges of a very sick body was simply inspirational. I asked you about fears and you told me that spending lots of time on the open sea with Preyasi, sometimes in extremely dangerous circumstances, taught you to ride the waves of fear and to always stay present in the middle of it. I witnessed that this was certainly true for you. How amazing!

In spite of the body giving in, around you was always the quality of being fully alive and present and unapologetically living your own unique self.

Atulyo and Loki
Atulyo and Loki

I experienced your 3 months in Corfu shortly before your death as one big outpouring of love. First and foremost, your love for Preyasi and your determination to do everything so she is taken care of. All of us around you were touched by the love, the deep connection and devotion the two of you shared for each other.

And still there was so much love left, that each of your friends here in Corfu, me included, feels gifted and showered by you. Cooking for friends (even if your own body couldn’t digest half of it any more), sharing your life stories sitting together. You called these stories your biography… and what a storyteller you were! Joining Loki regularly in his workshop (workshops being one of your “happy places”) way beyond what your physical condition suggested, using every inch of your energy to share yourself and be creative.

I do hope to live my own dying with similar lightness and grace.

You are dearly missed, Atulyo, and you keep living in my heart as an inspiration for a life and a death well lived, full of love, devotion and gratefulness.



Fly high Atulyo!
Thank you for your love, your open and generous sharing of your being and your gifts. Your adventurous spirit and embrace of death was an inspiration. We carry you in our hearts always.
Pritama & Stephen

Poi Dog Motorcycle
Poi Dog Motorcycle

A: Always Available
T: Tools… if it didn’t exist, he invented and built it
U: Unique creativity
L: Loyalty, Laughter
Y: Yearning for adventures
O: Opinionated Osho lover!

Last letter sent to Atulyo before he died:

January 20, 2023

Dear Atylyo,

What an adventurous life you have, with incredible creative activities on the outside in the world, and now, courageously looking at your inner core, which never dies. We are so very grateful we met and walked a similar path for decades together in Hawaii. We are grateful, grateful… Grateful for your friendship, your wisdom, and your practical help in so many situations, always being able to find solutions. You certainly deserve to go to hell, where all the fun and genius people are, and play a leading role. You are a master in preparing Preyasi with the same passion you did everything.

We love you forever. Until we meet again, a hui ho!

Ma Prem Mukur
Swami Prem Asimo

Atulyo with DevakrishnaLast time I saw Atulyo in Arillas, Corfu, a couple of months before he died, I was impressed by his total lack of fear and the cheerfulness he always had. You can’t fake it in these conditions. He was a warrior!




Such an adventurous and fearless life and death. And you took care of your beloved Preyasi until the end.
Will always remember you as our backroad master in Goa on our Enfields, wonderful times.

Adios, my favourite automotive therapist.
I’m glad to hear you passed well.
Prabhu Anand

We felt so blessed meeting you and Preyasi in your little house in Arillas, as a goodbye. Such a Love emanating from your heart.
Your presence is still felt with us… Love,
Indradhanu and Ravi

Seems like only yesterday we met and immediately I began helping you build the tow truck while RBG was still Gurdjieff Garage in the Ranch yard before we moved up to the new place. The way you gave Jayanta the nickname JA-JA was so funny :-)) So many adventures stuffed into those years on the Ranch, every one more extreme than the previous one :-)) Me being two days older than you was sometimes a point of contention as to who had the better idea :-)) Saw a picture a couple of years ago where you and some friends were standing on the main street of Deadwood, the town where I was born, that made me really laugh :-)) Thought of you from time to time the last 35 years and always with a smile on my face. Was sure that you were enjoying the highs and the lows of your life with full gusto :-)) BTW, I was happy when you ended up with Preyasi; that was your lucky day my old friend!!! So, have fun on your new adventure!!!

Preyasi, Atulyo, Nishi, Emilio
Preyasi, Atulyo, Nishi, Emilio

Atulyo beloved friend,
So much inner light shining through your eyes blew my mind.
You were already in my heart and now with that you’ve touched my soul.
I am so happy and grateful to have been able to walk with you and Preyasi some part of your way those last months in Corfu. Wherever you are… I love you,

Dear Atulyo,
Thanks for your friendship, love and that I could share some of your path with you and Preyasi. So many precious moments with both of you we shared, cooked and laughed till the Gate. You left me empty and full.
Fly high, beloved Friend. We will raise our glasses or our espresso with Preyasi and all the friends for you and we will keep sending love wherever you are.

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