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Wild Wild Italy

Nirbija examines the Italian response to Netflix's Wild Wild Country as reported in the latest issue of magazine Re Nudo magazine.

The good things about Osho that got left out

Filmmaker and author Suzanne Taylor was instrumental in bringing together for a video interview, journalist and CEO of Ideapod Justin Brown and Pennell Rock, a scholar in [...]

Reflecting on Rajneeshpuram Commune Life

In the wake of the Netflix docuseries Wild Wild Country, Shantam Lani, Osho's World Ambassador and former Rajneeshpuram resident speaks to Tracy Alexander on Israel's 'i 24NEWS'. [...]

‘Wild Wild Country’ – Interview with Mutribo and Anando

A podcast from Australian North Coast Positive with Nyck Jeanes, on BayFM 9-11am; two long-time Osho sannyasins talk about the film on Netflix you're all talking about – Wild [...]

Bhagwan’s doctor gives his take on Wild Wild Country

Anna Silman spoke with Amrito about the events in Rajneeshpuram, shown in Wild Wild Country. Published in New York Magazine, The Cut, USA, on April 24, 2018.

9 Rajneeshpuram residents on what Wild Wild Country got wrong

Anna Silman talked to former Rajneeshpuram residents. Published in New York Magazine, The Cut, USA, on April 19, 2018.

What ‘Wild Wild Country’ didn’t say  – 57 answers from a teenage resident

Dickon Kent, son of Veetasmi (aka Persephone) comments to questions asked of him about living as a teenager in Rajneeshpuram. Published in Medium on April 17, 2018

Wild Wild Country: The story behind the story

Osho International's statement in regard to the docuseries 'Wild Wild Country', posted on Facebook by Pratap.