Romancing the Stones: First Chakra

Healing & Meditation

Sohana tells her story about healing with crystals – and so starts a series of articles, one for each chakra: Base Chakra this month

The Power of Crystals and Gemstones for Healing

Remembering the time at the Mystery School in Pune and the Atlantean headdresses with the Quartz Crystals brings a big smile to my face. The intent was to experience first-hand the effects and find out how wearing the crystal headdresses could influence meditation and create states of higher consciousness. We suspected crystals were powerful but were surprised to discover just how powerful they really were. The experimenters can be praised for their courage and willingness to step into these mysteries.  We had some dizzy sannyasins walking around until we could figure out how to stay grounded and channel the energy!  Seeing the tremendous energy generated gave me a reverence and deep respect for these natural emissaries of Mother Earth.

Eudialyte necklace and garnet ring
Jewelry for the First Chakra: eudialyte necklace and garnet ring

When I began work as a kinesiology practitioner, I started muscle testing to find out how crystals and gemstones helped heal the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  Both my clients and I were fascinated by the results; for example, when a particular gemstone relating to a certain out-of-balance chakra was placed in the auric field of the body, the muscle became strong, indicating that the chakra was again in harmony. Often when a person is attracted to a particular stone, the corresponding chakra is in need of balancing.  It is interesting to note that muscle testing proves that real gemstones are strengthening to the body whereas artificial ones have no effect.

Clearing a gemstone

Wearing gemstones as jewelry is a practice as old as history. Not all gemstones have the same effect on everyone; it depends on the needs of the individual.  A friend purchased a large Ruby ring in Jaipur; almost immediately after wearing it, things started to go wrong for her.  She had a car accident, became victim of a robbery and then fell ill.  She asked for my help and I checked the Ruby to see how it affected her body by using muscle testing.  Her arm muscle was so weak that I could put her arm down effortlessly.  When the ring was taken off, her muscle returned to its natural strength.

It was obvious that the stone needed to be cleared.  The method for this is to soak it in salt water for 12 – 24 hours, then to place in sunlight for a few hours (this is supposedly how the Atlanteans re-energized their crystals), and then put on a crystal cluster overnight. After that the stone is to be infused with positive energy.  This can be done by thinking positive thoughts, or by doing Reiki, or by meditating – the choices are endless!

When my friend put the ring on her finger again, I tested and her muscle was very strong. This shows that it is not the stone itself that caused the negative events in her life, but that it previously had absorbed negative energy.  Very valuable stones are often surrounded by greed and other negative vibes, so it is a necessity to clear them.

Stones for the Base or First Chakra

The Ruby relates to the Base chakra, creating passion and grounding; in this case it may even have helped in creating my friend’s new relationship.  The Base or First Chakra is also known as the Root Chakra and supplies us with our basic life force.  It connects us with the earth, making us feel rooted and secure in our bodies.  When this chakra is working optimally we have no survival fears, a deep sense of being taken care of and a good supply of life force energy.  Conversely, when out of balance,  issues of survival and self worth are present.

One good affirmation for the 1st Chakra is:  “I am safe and secure at all times.”  All stones in hues of red and black are good to balance the Base Chakra.  Besides the Ruby others are Black Pearl, Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Obsidian, Onyx, Bloodstone and Hematite.

Healing with Quartz Crystals

Two years ago, my body developed a life-threatening brain tumor that I chose, after trying all kinds of alternative methods, to have surgically removed.  After the operation, I was left with side effects such as nerve damage.  When I put quartz crystals on the area, it felt like the stones were absorbing the trauma and bringing relaxation and regeneration.  I kept clearing them and applying them daily.  I noticed a great improvement and still use them even though I am almost healed.

Any healing stones should be kept on an altar or other special place, and treated with loving care and great respect.

The clear quartz crystal with its mirror-like quality gives psychics the ability to see things clearly as in the use of crystal balls.  It is one of the most sacred stones of ancient cultures and symbolizes the energy of white light. The power of the crystal can be found in its structure – growing and reaching up towards the light from the deepest parts of earth. It is a conductor of energy – both as a receiver and a transmitter.

Egyptians used quartz crystals to absorb the power contained in light and thus used it for healing. For American Indians the crystal is a sacred symbol of light and in the Tibetan culture, crystals are considered sacred objects, empowered with the elements. Crystals have been used for healing the body, transforming the spirit, inspiring intuitive insight, guarding against negative vibrations, and smoothing the energy flows of spirit and body.

Programming a Crystal

After clearing a crystal, it can be programmed to any specific need, thereby magnifying the stone’s intent through your own.  A programmed crystal becomes much more powerful and useful as a tool.   An easy way to do this is to hold the crystal in your hands and meditate.  As you tune in to the crystal, be clear about what you want it to do for you.  Write your intent on a piece of paper as if it has already happened and place that paper under the crystal. For example, you may write, “I have prosperity in my life” or any other aspiration that supports your highest good. You can seal this intent into the stone by simply saying, “This is the task you have been given.”

Designing Jewelry in Bali

After traveling the world, I found my way to Bali, the “Island of the Gods” and was enchanted with the intense spiritual energy and creativity I found here. This is the perfect place for me to be, designing one-of-a-kind power pieces and infusing them with Reiki and blessings.  Each piece of jewelry has a story and is infused with special properties.

My latest creations are Oneness Malas with the requisite 108 beads and infused with blessings; they are talismans of power.  In these challenging times, I know people value having a talisman for strength and protection.  I appreciate and love the meditative process I go through to create each one.  My inspiration has always come from Osho who taught me the true meaning of meditation and how to go into the silence out of which creativity springs.


Sohana is a Reiki Master and kinesiology practitioner as well as a jewelry designer; thus her healing work is reflected in each piece. She is American and has traveled widely, living in India and has now made her home on the magical island of Bali. Sohana still travels the world lecturing about gemstone therapy, teaching kinesiology classes and exhibiting her latest jewelry designs. During exhibitions, she demonstrates the empowering effect of gemstones using kinesiology. – visionaryjewelsbysohana

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