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Nikhila (from Totnes) meets Prahlad, Dhanya, Ankur and Pankaja in the big city

PrahladI spent some time in London with a view to expanding my Feldenkrais practice from Totnes to the capital in the near future – here are a few fellow sannyasins I met on my adventures. Prahlad introduced me to the Helios Foundation in Kings’ Cross where he works as a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Now I am planning to run a Feldenkrais workshop there in spring 2011. Prahlad is originally from Italy and he lives with his family in North London.

AnkurI contacted Ankur who runs Osho meditations and other workshops in North Clapham, and he invited me to meet up with him at a Spirituality Meet-up of the London College of Spirituality.  That was a challenge for me, I am not so great at attending such events, but curiosity got the better of me, I put my good boots on and took myself to the four-storey pub on the southbank where the event was being held.  Before I met Ankur I had an experience rather like any business networking meeting I’ve ever been to – except that along with the business card, instead of some sales-rap, came people’s views and questions around spirituality – and there seemed to be just about every spiritual group I’ve ever met there. Quite wild! And wonderfully paradoxical, in a good old English Pub, to cap it all! Maybe I should start one in Totnes… a very freeing experience. Ankur has fairly recently returned from five years of travelling during which time he discovered Osho and has a colourful and varied schedule of Osho Active Meditations and other workshops.

DhanyaI also met up with Dhanya, whom I knew from the Himalayas some years ago, where we both lived for a while.  Dhanya now lives in Brockley SE London  and brings his meditation into his work – as an Eco-Carpenter, specializing in environmental refurbishment, which aims to provide energy efficient, healthy homes, built with respect for the environment, inhabitants and tradesmen, using environmentally responsive design, sustainable, natural materials and energy saving technologies.

PankajaPankaja took me along to Barry’s tai chi class one evening, and afterward we had a good catch up over small quantities of champagne and (smaller) amounts of smoked salmon at St Pancras International Champagne Bar. Of course we spoke about our various tai chi practices and, in this picture, Panky is actually demonstrating Song Mountain Tai Chi in the station!  As well as doing lots of tai chi, Panky offers Colour Light Therapy as well as Colourpuncture and one-to-one Family Constellation sessions and she will be helping Savita run a group Family Constellation in the near future.

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