Horoscope November 2010


Your Horoscope for November 2010 by Sitara

Scorpio - Sagittarius

Sun 8° Scorpio – 9° Sagittarius
Moon 28° Leo – 7° Libra
Mercury 19° Scorpio – 30° Sagittarius
retrograde, from 18th direct
4° – 0° Scorpio
Mars 3° – 25° Sagittarius
retrograde, from 18th direct
24° Pisces
Saturn 11° – 14° Libra
Uranus retrograde 27° Pisces
retrograde, from 7th direct
26° Aquarius
Pluto 3° – 4° Capricorn
retrograde, from 16th direct
26° – 25° Aquarius
Northnode 4° – 3° Capricorn
Fullmoon, 21., 17.28 h GMT 29° Taurus
Newmoon 6., 4.53 h GMT 14° Scorpio

Mood of the month

Venus on its retrograde loop moves into Libra, where along with Saturn it invites us to question our ideas about love. There is the love between me and other humans, animals, situations, gods, ideas or even things, and there is undirected love. Only the latter is unconditional. It does not need an object, still: if we rest in its arms, every object that crosses our way will get exactly the share that it is able to assimilate.

The big astrological event of the month is Pluto in conjunct with the North Node. This is an enormous opportunity for inner and outer transformation. Their last meeting in Capricorn happened 242 years ago and at that time humanity began the process of freeing itself from governmental and clerical control; although on its way to become more and more self-reliant, there are still some misunderstandings left: as the rules of kings and gods have lost influence, everyone feels obliged to himself only. So some of the self-reliant ones rely more on their ego instead of the self, which makes their acts rather destructive. These big egos confuse self-reliance with self-interest and even the small egos suffer from this misunderstanding.

What is the difference between ego and self? The difference is in identification: ego is identification with my own desires to be safe, to feel good and to be a good person. Self is identification with all and everything. Whereas ego is in a constant fight for territory against other egos and their desires, self is unable to harm self, simply because there is nothing outside of it. If identification shifts to self, for the ego the game is over.

Over the last 242 years we were able to develop a bigger identity than before, but as long as it is still limited we will go on being in a fight with life. This month we can witness the birth of the next cycle of developing true self-reliance. Now we can start stretching our identity even more and who knows: In the year 2252 ego-identification may have become as outmoded as identifications with presidents and popes today.

Aries: Now is the time to expand! Extend your inner and outer horizons, discover new realms and dare to throw yourself into exploring them. In the second half of the month the emphasis shifts towards more mental and spiritual discoveries. Go beyond mere experiencing; rather, find out what is true. Apply your higher consciousness, which can award you with the most supreme insights about yourself and life. If this jumbles up your life a bit, take it as creative chaos and don’t worry. Just stay ready to learn – by reading, listening and inquiring.

Taurus: This month it is all about finding your inner balance; though it may take a while to surface. Scrutinize the compromises you make in life. Some are needed and express your compassion; some do harm to yourself. Find the golden mean. Also, look into balancing light and dark, good and bad. Dualities rule our everyday reality. If you want to go beyond you must stop taking sides; what matters is not becoming better or worse, but to realise the you who sides with either of the two.

Gemini: Question the way you have defined yourself. This can lead to an instant opening, which feels quite pleasant. In case your old identity is not replaced by a new one immediately, it may destabilize you, which feels quite upsetting. As inconvenient as this may feel, these moments are the most valuable ones. For now you have the chance to understand that you are more than any – yes: any! – definitions or identities. Just for now forget all about them. Soon you will see that you are much bigger and more than any identity.

Cancer: Use the first half of the month for sorting out your relationships. After that, non-material and spiritual energies will want to be handled in a new way and with a new perspective. The climax of November comes in its last third, though: on a very subtle level there will be a radical change towards discovering you true destiny. It is as yet only in seed form and will take 18 years before it has fully unfolded. You can support this by now making a vow towards yourself that for of all the compromises you may yet make, you will never compromise your own truth.

Leo: A challenging month! You venture into unknown lands, where you have no reference points. At the same time, Jupiter and Uranus offer you unusual invitations to go ahead with your very own visions. Stay optimistic and experiment with new possibilities! If you dare leaving the trodden path great fulfilment will await you. Oftentimes opportunities of little promise will bear much fruit. At the end of the month be ready to take risks that you would rather like to avoid. Be brave: it’s all or nothing now!

Virgo: You struggle to remain balanced. Realise that openness does not necessarily bring about success in your relationships. Since Neptune is fogging your eyes, you project your own ideas onto others. Look at them with love and compassion but allow them to differ from how you would like to see them. As long as you do not become clear about how others click and genuinely accept it, no real communication is possible. Thoroughly check your perceptions, instead of just assuming that they are real. If you do not really know others – so what?

Libra: Quite a calm November for you, many of your inquiries will now bring results. You have come to know what you can expect of yourself and others, which enables you to conserve your energies more intelligently and direct them more efficiently. Never mind if you are reminded yet again: don’t demand too much of yourself. It’s true, Saturn asks you to take responsibility and take a stand, but all in moderation and with deliberation. To be responsible for yourself is nothing else but love for yourself. And, as you know, there is no way to love others without loving yourself first.

Scorpio: The following resources are at your disposal now: courage, willingness to experiment and a readiness to go with your deepest truth. With their aid you can meet the challenge of tackling your weaker points: letting go of control and accepting the fact that you are one amongst others. Both these points show the fear of feeling powerless, which cripples your own development – with continually alternating states of fight and freeze. Make a conscious decision to trust. It will dissolve the tension and makes you free to choose whether to act, to wait or to stop.

Sagittarius: You can really get going now! In the first two thirds of the month you are blessed with power and clarity, feeling both steady and open. In the last third watch your communication skills. Be precise and make binding statements, so that others know what to expect. Otherwise you may well be in for unpleasant surprises. Also, your expectations tend to be too high now. You may throw yourself into your projects as enthusiastically as you like – you have no guarantee that everything will be going your way. And: sometimes that’s the best that can happen!

Capricorn: Most of the month will be calm and harmonious. You may even have quite a few lucky turns, little as they may be. Following thecurrent energy implies caring for your loved ones and furthering your projects without overexerting yourself. Stay centered. In the last days of November the cosmos offers you a onetime chance of a complete change. In at least one area of your life you will be granted the possibility of a genuine quantum leap. You may not immediately grasp the enormity of it. But take the risk of being transformed, even if you are afraid of its outcome.

Aquarius: As Neptune and Chiron turn direct, you may feel that things start flowing again. You have the chance of supporting this process by making yourself clearer to others. If you want to get through to them they need to comprehend where you are coming from. On the whole, you tend to either hold back or express yourself so theoretically that people end up being at a loss. Partly this is due to the fact that you yourself don’t know where you are heading. Action is the key here. Stop searching for the perfect plan. Only by acting will you find out what is the right thing to do.

Pisces: Even though you don’t have complete clarity yet, dare choosing the new. It is worthwhile now bringing light into darkness because in doing so, you gear yourself up for what may be ahead. But there is no need to analyse it all first. There aren’t any perfect solutions: in fact seen from a higher perspective the imperfect is as perfect as the perfect – together, they mirror the full picture of life. So even though you may have to lower your standards here and there, just make sure that you keep moving in the direction that releases your energies and offers you more possibilities.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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