Live Painting with Live Sound Installation

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Siddhena Murry-Clark and Sandesh Ishida’s live painting cum sound installation in Tokyo

On 27th November there was a sound installation and live painting at Star poets gallery in Tokyo, during Siddhena Murray-Clark’s art exhibition.

The special guest was Sandesh. The atmosphere he created while Siddhena was painting had a limitless quality and people attending entered the space of meditation. People, who look at Siddhena’s painting, are very curious about his methods, and looking into this secret world in a live situation was very inspiring. The curiosity to find stimulation outside was there but there was also the pull to go in, and be alone. We always seem to be in these two opposites, going in and also the stimulation of the outer. These were both present here. We were invited into this space in a performance of both silence and creativity – apparently a duality, but the artists Siddhena and Sandesh became the art merging the space.

What is meditative creativity? This is what Siddhena and Sandesh are sharing.

It was a beautiful time to be here.

Siddhena introduces more opportunities for Real creativity in his coming workshops in 2011 in Kobe and Tokyo.

Siddhena’s YouTube channel where you can see his paintings developing:

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