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Thanks to Shakyamuni and Mr. Viet, Osho’s books are best sellers in Vietnam

In Vietnam Osho’s books are best sellers in all the Buddhist bookstores! Swami Shakyamuni who has been totally involved with Osho’s books for decades, nowadays lives in Nha Trang, Vietnam. He told me that there is huge interest in Osho and many legal and illegal bookshops stock about 15 titles, some with dubious translations though.

Shakyamuni and Mr. Viet
Vietnamese readers

He introduced me to an Osho devotee called Mr. Viet who fell in love with Osho’s book and has been translating since 1997. Five of those books have been published and he has another 65 (!) ready to roll as soon the approvals have been obtained. He is presently working on the translation of ‘Past the Point of No Return’. Mr. Viet said, “I think the book will help young people who are at the same point as you were when you set out looking for the truth for the first time. Young people can now benefit by the sharing of those invaluable experiences.”

Shakyamuni told me that several meditation groups have also been established in major cities and small gatherings are set up in Nha Trang: “This story began with one man loving Osho books enough to translate as many as possible for the Vietnamese people. It shows that Osho Books have a life of their own when they reach the heart of loving people everywhere. I am keen to see old friends visit the place to enjoy a blast from the past. Love to you all!”

Shakyamuni can be contacted under: cll_mchl @ yahoo.com

And here is the link to the website of Osho in Vietnam – you can hit the translate button: www.oshovietnam.net

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