Horoscope January 2011


A New Year, a new beginning – particularly for the readers of Osho News!

Capricorn / Aquarius

Sun 10° Capricorn – 12° Aquarius
Moon 29° Scorpio – 18° Capricorn
Merkury 20° Sagittarius – 25° Capricorn
Venus 23° Scorpio – 26° Sagittarius
Mars 18° Capricorn – 13° Aquarius
Jupiter 27° Pisces – 2° Aries
retrograde from 26th
17° Libra
Uranus 27° – 28° Pisces
Neptun 27° – 28° Aquarius
Pluto 5° – 6° Capricorn
Chiron 28° – 29° Aquarius
North node 3° – 2° Capricorn
Full Moon, 19th, 21.23 h GMT 29° Cancer
New Moon, 4th, 9.04 h GMT 14° Capricorn

Mood of the month

A New Year, a new beginning – particularly for the readers of Osho News! Seekers of truth will be especially aware of astonishing impulses during this month – an energy that will directly and radically test our worm’s eye view. All of a sudden unexpected possibilities will open up and perhaps totally change the way we see ourselves, the world, and the ultimate. This will bring about a different way of contacting or staying in touch with people – with a new sense of freedom and liveliness unfolding. Also that which has hitherto given meaning to our lives may suddenly be replaced by a deeper truth. Those who manage to stay unbiased and are ready to have their own position will now experience veritable surprise fireworks!

Everything that has been developing over the last year, may thus come to a breakthrough in January. It just takes a little bit of courage. Mars and Sun are entering freedom-loving Aquarius, Venus dwells in uncompromising Scorpio and daredevil Sagittarius, plus Jupiter moving into pioneering Aries – they all are here to whet your appetite for unknown paths.

Saturn about to go retrograde and Mercury in straightforward Capricorn create a healthy balance – they help us to carefully consider or reconsider our decisions. In times like this we should basically welcome such so-called brake pads – they channel the impetous spirit of optimism so that it carries us beyond the beginning of the year and adds wings of inspiration.

Aries: You are starting the year in top form – and that’s just the beginning! In the first half of the month use the grounding energy for everything that requires stamina and patience and you can also initiate long-term projects. In the second half, however, you can experiment with your many innovative ideas, but without commiting yourself yet. You now need space around you. Jupiter is sprinting through Aries until early June, offering plenty of opportunities and new perspectives. Experiment with yourself: All signs point to widening your horizons!

Taurus: It is possible that you start the year with a strong feeling of losing control. Give up fighting it. That which you wish to control is far greater than you. If you relax into the flow of life, then January will even be extraordinarily inspiring. The time of hesitation is over: Fling yourself into new adventures, small or large, that will give you a feeling of expansion and joy. Also, let yourself be stimulated by sharing ideas with others. Don’t worry: Saturn will see to it that you won’t lose the ground underneath your feet.

Gemini: If you want too much at once and dance at every wedding simultaneously, then it might be exciting and rewarding. But on the one hand you don’t manage to establish anything and have to keep on starting anew, and secondly you miss the dimensions that only open up when you stick to something a little longer. During the second half of the month you’ll often be slowed down so that you move into depth instead of breadth. Pluto and Saturn help you stop and listen within and illuminate the situation. Don’t be satisfied with half truths!

Cancer: Saturn accompanies you into the year; it bestows enthusiasm, a feeling of responsibility and sobriety which you can put into good use although it has a certain heavyness. But throughout the month everything becomes lighter, easier, more open – without you losing your depth. The climax of this development is the Full Moon, which will particularly enliven your circle of friends. After that it will gradually become calmer. While you’re going to deal with difficult issues, you will usually find satisfactory solutions.

Leo: The year is off to a serious start, but soon this mood will relax as you gain confidence, and above all, self-confidence. Become aware of how much your self-worth depends on your pride. People just speak out what you are trying to hide from them and from yourself, but they all have long since noticed that and don’t think too badly about it. They expect much less from you than you expect from yourself. Most of those who seem to trip you up don’t have the slightest intention of hurting you. Can’t you risk just being human? Then genuine intimacy can develop and you feel at home in life.

Virgo: You long for harmony, friendship, and intimacy – but due to your perfectionism, you have difficulties accepting that. On the one hand, you don’t want others to be aware of your imperfections, on the other hand you can’t really accept that others aren’t perfect. Both interfere with a genuine encounter. The solution: Own up to your difficulties and don’t pretend you haven’t got any. They, too, are part of your endaring, oh so human imperfection.

Libra: There are areas in your life now where you feel extremely insecure, because you just don’t ‘get it’ or many things don’t happen as planned. In other areas however, things are developing better than expected: There’s a wealth of possibilities available and particularly in your spiritual life you are showered with gifts. Both ensure that towards the middle of the month this will make you take a closer look at your self and your ideas. This is already part of Saturn’s program for your next half year.

Scorpio: A great opening of your heart confronts you with two alternatives: Either you lose yourself in longings, illusions and wishful thinking – then you will quickly end up in the role of the victim. Or you open up for new possibilities of meeting others, who also respond to your convictions. This promises pleasant surprises which sustain longer lasting joy than soap bubbles that burst in no time. In the second half of this month your mind will be fit as a fiddle. Give it a sensible task, otherwise it will exhaust itself with thoughts running amok.

Sagittarius: Now, all signs point to New, Different, Try it! Start the year with something you’ve never done before. No matter what your experiments may look like, small or large – just go ahead and dare the jump into the unknown. Doors may open anywhere for exciting and surprising vistas. This goes for friendships as well as for your love life, in your home and – from the end of the month onwards – in all your activities. If your petty mind tries to hold you back, show it its place; just let the enormous river of life carry you off!

Capricorn: With New Moon in Capricorn, your New Year is a real new beginning. Three highly energetic planets supply you equally with discipline and a wealth of ideas. Use your mind during the third week of January, dig deeply for insights and thus deepen you understanding. In your relationships be sure to share your joy with others. In the last week it will be good for you to slow down and draw the line in disputes. Now is the time to clearly differentiate between what is relevant and what distracts you from the essential.

Aquarius: Compassion, trust and surrender are the key words throughout the first weeks of January. That will do your relationships a lot of good; it will soften you yet at the same time grace you with verve and zest for life. During the second week you sometimes tend to be all too convinced of your opinions. Keep on opening your thought system for new aspects. Towards mid-January you can roll up your sleeves and put all your energy into carrying out your ideas. Your ability to act intensifies: The Full Moon lends you power and vigour, while Sun and Mars make you lifely and decisive.

Pisces: You couldn’t wish for a better beginning of the year! The time of waiting is over and now you can make a new start in many areas – in your relationships as well as in spiritual and perhaps even material/financial matters. Moreover, a particularly benevolant star rules over this new beginning – even if that which now begins will often take a surprising turn. Rely on your inner voice which trusts life. As the month proceeds, your chances will improve, and even more so if you dare venture out of the ordinary.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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