Haikus by AviBob


Haikus from Avinash’s celebrative and humorous world

knowing the world ends
when i exhale my last breath
i plant more bamboo

we come and we go
it is the way of all things
i came and i’ll go

seems like yesterday
i arrived, crying hello
and now … it’s goodbye

the way you take it
is the way it becomes
so … take it easy

little did i know
that no matter what i knew
little would i know

how to remember
that i may not remember
what to remember

so much time we spend
contemplating the what if
missing the what is

here is the lowdown
those things that matter, matter
those things that don’t, don’t

searching for meaning
i miss the meaningfulness
of the meaningless

i can’t help thinking
that thinking is the root cause
of all of my thoughts


Avinash’s early studies at a Jewish School in New York evoked deep questions on spiritual concepts. At 20, Bob met Bhasa; they married, had daughter Nina (aka Bina), studied Zen and later became sannyasins. A Ph.D. psychologist, AviBob became known as a “therapists’ therapist”. He said he had nothing to say, though “nothing” meant “everything”, often expressed concisely in haiku. He died unpredictably in 2009. avibob.ning.com

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