Grateful Snapshots of Osho Sammasati in Chile

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Maya Vati sends us from Chile a portrait of Osho Sammasati, run by Aseema, in the form of poems

Aseema’s home

Spacious elegance, built with love and taste
Natural woods and stone.
Huge windows let in the light
Looking out over the wide lake below
Where the mountain side we cling to tumbles into the water.
The door stands open
A warm welcome here for the traveller.

The Volcano

Pyramid of fire
The summit looms up ahead.
Sometimes wreathed in cloud
Sometimes gently belching white steam and smoke
Against an azure sky.
Shimmering white its snow-capped peak
Takes on the hues of the rosy sunset
Or the silver moon,
If you are there to see the fleeting changes.
I have even seen the fiery depths reflected in the caldera
In the dark of the night.

Cleaning the Meditation Hall

Gracious octagon, with vast wooden floor
Specks of dust shimmer in the sunshine.
Down on hands and knees in the corners,
Sweeping, sweeping
Mindless chatter drifting through the peaceful spaces
How not to miss one little bit
Here, or here?


Windows rattling, earth trembling beneath me
A rolling movement, kundalini shaking.
Time stands still
In this utterly new experience.
Is the volcano speaking?
I start to feel sea-sick.


Bees buzzing about,
Songs of unknown birds, by night as well as day,
Magical woodland areas.
I love to meditate in the tree house
With the chattering stream below drowning out thoughts.
Sunshine and rain, even a summer hailstorm
Ever-changing weather keeps everything lush and green.

New Year Celebration

Friends from Argentina mingling with the Chileans,
More keep arriving.
Devavani, Atisha meditations take us deep in our hearts.
Full house gathered around the festive table.
Raising glasses round the bonfire,
Champagne toast to the ever-present new.

Preparing for the Festival

Helpers arriving, laughter ringing out.
Willing hands sharing the work.
Uncertainty transformed into schedules
Chaos tamed and meals appearing.
Osho everywhere.

White Robe Meeting

Forty sannaysins gathered to celebrate Osho’s life.
Never born and never died, here with us now.
“Fly high” sings Devakant,
His flute melodies dancing into our hearts.
Aseema strums the tamboura in rapture.
The video discourse: “What is Truth?”
The greatest koan of them all.
Osho’s picture looks down from the wall
Giggling at us.

Full Moon on January 19th

Sannyasins sitting silently on the terrace, full moon playing hide and seek with the clouds.
The shakuhachi notes weave plaintive patterns in the stillness;
The koto invites us into meditation with cascades of sound like waterfalls.
The sweet samsulla opens our hearts.
What magic the musicians create, wizards playing with our chakras.
How blest am I, thousands of miles from my country,
To be at home in the stillness of the Buddhafield here.


Ageless witch-woman, dancing your life for Osho.
Whirlwind of selfless devotion,
With boundless energy and enthusiasm,
Creating healing spaces for others to enjoy and grow,
Tending the many new shoots with such personal attention.
Still Osho’s medium, creating a here and now bursting with love and laughter.
The strength of your aloneness blends with feminine charm
And integrity.
Your beautiful light is a beacon, bringing people together from far and wide, to Osho.

Maya Vati is a medical doctor recently retired from the Health Service in England to be free to work with meditation, mind-body and energy medicine techniques (HeartMath, guided imagery and crystal therapy). She teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programmes at York House in Taunton, for people with health problems. After training with Zen Master Daizan Roshi, she also offers Zen Wellbeing programmes in classes or by Skype.

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