Horoscope February 2011


Your Horoscope for February 2011 by Sitara: If we welcome Saturn as a stabilizing factor, it will support us with a feeling of safety and competence

Aquarius - Pisces symbol

Sun 12° Aquarius – 10° Pisces
Moon 17° Capricorn – 27° Capricorn
Merkury 25° Capricorn – 13° Pisces
Venus 26° Sagittarius – 29° Capricorn
Mars 13° Aquarius – 5° Pisces
Jupiter 2° – 8° Aries
17° – 16° Libra
Uranus 28° – 29° Pisces
Neptun 28° – 29° Aquarius
Pluto 6° – 7° Capricorn
Chiron 29° Aquarius – 1° Pisces
North node 2° – 0° Capricorn
Full Moon, 18th, 9.36h GMT 6° Leo
New Moon, 3ed, 3.31h GMT 14° Aquarius

Mood of the month

If we welcome Saturn as a stabilizing factor, it will support us now with a feeling of safety and competence. Its blessings will be felt particularly during the first half of the month. Chiron in Pisces and Neptune on the other hand will determine the time from the second week onwards. Their positive influences will mostly concern the subtle levels. They help us to understand, to heal, to step aside and submit to something higher. These energies couldn’t care less about our little ego. On the contrary, they want to dissolve our identification with our body-mind frame. In the coming years, our longing to escape its limitations will become more and more pronounced. Possibilities that seem unthinkable now – because they are far beyond physical laws – will be the rule in a few years. In medicine and the healing arts particularly, a totally new focus will prevail.

Because of the energy shift in the second half of the month, this is not a good time to start new projects. The strong influence of Neptune is not easy to steer into a new direction – in fact, it cannot be directed. We must surrender to it. It depends very much on your inner maturity on which level it will manifest, and it supports spirituality as much as chaos. Collectively, it can bring about rather problematic situations, in which we are necessarily taken over by a bigger force. The third Jupiter-Pluto Square end of February demands maturity as well. If you are now clearly committed to something that creates more opportunities for expansion, you are on the right track.

Aries: Realize yourself and stand up for your ideals. The less familiar the paths that you adopt now, the better. You are unique and only you can know what is right for you. Don’t get hung-up in the ego-space though, for if you have only eyes for yourself, you’ll soon lose the ground underneath your feet. Together with others, search for new possibilities. In the last third of the month, the smart thing to do is – to yield. Without victimizing yourself, practice silence and trust your intuition.

Taurus: The choice is yours. On the one hand, subtler energies are waiting to be discovered. They are expecting you, however, to put yourself aside and to assume a higher perspective. If your truthfulness demands you to do something, it might feel unpleasant at times. On the other hand there’s the comfortable trodden path which serves you alone; it narrows your heart, as other beings are not taken into account. Open your soul and spirit and view life from a higher level.

Gemini: Like Aries, explore new dimensions now! At the same time, respect structures and give space to silence. In the last third of the month, your mind could turn foggy, letting you recognize its limits. Now is not the time for developing clear perspectives for the future. Stay here now and concentrate on the next step only. You may have visions and dreams, but most cannot be carried out as yet. Should you have to make a decision and act now, ask others for their advice.

Cancer: Similarly to January, there are two different energies now. During this month they both exist side by side. On the one hand you are capable of leaving behind rigid identifications and sincerely stand up for yourself; on the other hand, you are very open, inspired and inspiring to others. Moreover, during the first half of February, lots of energy is available to you, while in the second half you are unusually creative. The full moon encourages subtler energies – share them with your partner and meditate together with him or friends.

Leo: Leo loves to shine, but this February is not the time for that. Rather, it challenges you to stand back and join the ranks. This could be difficult for you, particularly around the full moon. See it as an experiment: behave as if you were living without a central ”I”. Just watch your acts, thoughts and feelings as if they were part of a theatre play. You need not cut them off, they may even stand in the limelight, but regard them as if they are not your own.

Virgo: Your planet, Chiron, is leaving the individualistic Aquarius and enters the limitless expanse of the Pisces universe. This will make your image of yourself and of the world sway. Your ideas, your aims and priorities will change drastically within the next eight years. From now on, your self-realization will take place on a different level. It’s not about freedom from something, nor about freedom for something, but only about realizing that you never were limited: for freedom is your true nature.

Libra: Apart for the first four days, Saturn rules. He helps you to clearly set up boundaries against what isn’t good for you. What matters now, is a sincere effort on your part to act maturely and responsibly. With deeply buried Pluto, intense emotions may surface. Here also, Saturn supports you by keeping you awake and remain anchored in the present, and not get entangled in old ideas. At the same time, Saturn will demand that you fend much for yourself, to become stronger and more self-reliant.

Scorpio: The ability to trust in yourself which has been growing during the last year often through great challenges, can now take root in your being. This will enable you to weed out any mistrust, envy and jealousy from your heart. In fact it is only now that you arrive at the level of factuality, because you only need to protect yourself against life, others and your own impulses, as long as you misjudge your true nature. By and by, open yourself up for all that is waiting to give you genuine stability and recognition.

Sagittarius: Trust love at the highest level rather than your egocentric impulses. They may be strong, but they have no substance and are ultimately destructive. Scrutinize your ideas about love, reflect how they have changed meaning in the course of your life. Even your present understanding may look different in a few years. So it is worth finding out what lasting meaning hides behind this term… what is it that has always remained the same throughout all these changes?

Capricorn: This Venus-month is determined by love, friendship, beauty, harmony, pleasure, eroticism, sensuality, art and culture! You look in everything for the golden mean –which isn’t always easy for you. A Venus as strong as in this month invites you to become a little lighter, a little more playful, a little more open. Take care that love and friendship are never ruined by striving for status. Go for things that nourish you and feel authentic, even if you can’t brag about them.

Aquarius: The planets are celebrating Aquarian fireworks and load you up with energy. Chiron’s leaving you after five years will restore much of your lightness while Saturn, helps you to stay on stable ground. However, in the second half of the month you might feel a little uprooted and disoriented. Get ready for a few weeks in no man’s land. You don’t need to know any details now or have a clear direction. Let it all float und just watch your own impulses coming and going.

Pisces: The first week is lively to the point of turbulence, but then comes Chiron and moves in with you for the next eight years. Your new guest is not an entertainment genius; in fact, he appears rather average. His request is for you to take life as it is and no longer close your eyes in front of real situations. That hurts at times. But when he leaves again, you’ll be liberated of all dreams and desires and truly able to love yourself and the world with all its flaws and errors!


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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