Remembering Here&Now — 17 February 2011

Ramaprem’s quirky historical photo site of stations we shared along the way

Surely you will immediately recognize Rama Prem from all those ‘stations’ along the way that we have visited since the seventies. As far as I remember he was always around, always busy and always easy-going. He now lives with his beloved Sneh in Freiburg, Germany and even learned the local lingo somewhat.


He came up with the idea to create a photographic history of his life – a marvelous Public Gallery within Google’s Picasa Web Albums – and since his life and yours undoubtedly intersect, you will probably find at least dozens of photos of interest. He initially unveiled this project and said:

“Perhaps you will recognize a face, or a place, or a path that we have walked together. Perhaps some memory will bring a smile.”

He keeps it well stirred by adding new photos with witty remarks and stories – some of them actually true. He encourages friends to send him images that are not already up, so he can add them to this historical document. So dig around in those old shoe boxes you have stashed in the attic and see if you can find another unique photo or two for the collection!

If you already know about his albums, I egg you on to pay a return visit; I know that Rama Prem has, in the last months and weeks, added considerably to them. And take some time for it, there’s no way to look through in a hurry!

And, by all means, share this with your friends. It’s all about sharing.

Rama Prem

Rama Prem