Horoscope May 2011


Don’t worry, we won’t have to experience something like the last two months for quite some time!

Taurus - Gemini

Sun 10° Taurus – 10° Gemini
Moon 15° Aries – 0° Gemini
Merkury 15° Aries – 26° Taurus
Venus 12° Aries – 20° Taurus
Mars 22° Aries – 15° Taurus
Jupiter 22° – 29° Aries
12° – 11° Libra
Uranus 3° – 4° Aries
Neptune 1° Pisces
7° Capricorn
Chiron 5° Pisces
North node 24° – 23° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 17th, 13.08h GMT 26° Scorpio
New Moon, 3rd, 8.51h GMT 13° Taurus

Mood of the month

Don’t worry, we won’t have to experience something like the last two months for quite some time! What was so special in April was that the high tension was barely balanced by the other planets. This is now changing. At the latest by mid-May we shall be in calmer waters. Enormous changes have been initiated – now we’ll have to make the best of them. Venus and Mercury are starting a dance of love, which will help find the right words with which to resolve issues and problems verbally. But fortunately sweet talk won’t satisfy anybody. The energy is powerful and gripping, the ideas have potential for action, and the creative momentum will increase steadily throughout the month.

However, with Chiron we are also bound to recognize our pain and responsibility for all that regrettably cannot be changed anymore. At the same time Neptune raises us to another level where everything is absolutely alright. Yet those who think they can escape those uncomfortable Chiron insights, will learn the hard way that this is not so.

With Uranus and Jupiter we can hopefully look forward to some positive breakthroughs from the middle of the month onwards. A global energy change, for example, would be entirely consistent with the influence of Uranus.

That Pluto had to play such a decisive role in April, although strictly speaking its ‘turn‘ is not due till next year is because of our own sluggish nature which doesn’t move unless there is danger to life and limb, and often not even then.

At least Saturn, the tireless reminder, won’t let up until the last person understands that in this world nobody is an island anymore.

Aries: Your heart’s desires are moving ever more into the foreground, your input of energy and productivity are no longer just an end in themselves; you want to achieve something positive. Choose some allies with whom to implement your visions – even if that means to downshift and listen to the ideas of others. Over the month it will progressively become quieter, yet remain open and inspired. Continue to trust your optimism and ingenuity. In the second half of May patience and steadfastness will increase, so that your ideas become more practical.

Taurus: The beginning and end of the month are a little bumpy, even the angelic patience of Tauruses is put to the test! But the second third of the month is unambiguously positive. Your desire to get involved and your desire to let go are aligned. Your creative ideas fit in with your ideals as well as with actual circumstances. In conversations, other people will be happy to be convinced by you: just stay tuned! You can now initiate projects that will run from June onwards or even come to completion then.

Gemini: The first three weeks are inspiring and motivating, filling you with enthusiasm and idealism and still leaving you grounded. Others appreciate what you are thinking and doing. The last week will be less harmonious. Feelings of weakness, of being left alone, and of discouragement can get to you. You don’t have to overcome, or manage, or analyze, or be overtaken them. In the years to come they are bound to be your guests now and then. Let them catch a little breath with you, and then they‘ll move on by themselves.

Cancer: This month will be calmer than the last. May is a good time for you to build a stable base for you so that what is really valuable for you can emerge ever more clearly. Bring to mind the things that nourish you. These may include cooking, gardening, singing, small repairs, painting, writing, reading, pleasant conversations, massages, and walking or cycling through the first green of May. In May, these simple activities are what make life a little more beautiful and/or make you enjoy your physical body more.

Leo: Your ability to withstand opposites is being tested during the first half of May. This art is fundamental in our dualistic world. Anybody who cannot handle the fact that everything in the play of life has another side that shows up sooner or later, is disadvantaged. In the second half of May, your ideas and intuition are required to accept the status quo and make the best of it. This becomes difficult only if you take your wishful dreams too seriously, rather than simply enjoying them.

Virgo: Given the imperfections you see in life you could sink into melancholy, especially if others don’t notice all the shortcomings that you see. This is difficult to bear, as it shows your own powerlessness: you will never manage to finally put everything into order! This is not your fault; it simply is not your job. The world is not made to suit the individual. It functions perfectly and beautifully according to its own rules, even if we would prefer different outcomes.

Libra: Trust your ability to make connections between the right energies and to offer positive visions to humanity. Communication is everything now and will bear the most beautiful fruits – socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Use the high energy around the 20th to advance important actions – this can also be a love relationship that needs your energetic commitment. There could be obstacles at the end of the month; they are temporary in nature. If you proceed step by step you will grow through them.

Scorpio: The first half of the month is often challenging and confusing because you cannot recognize your direction just yet. However, it is important not to give up. On the contrary, wherever it seems sensible, push yourself, commit yourself: others will commit to the same level as yours. And you will be surprised at the deep alliances that can result from this and the extent of inexhaustible energy you have on hand. Support will come your way especially in the second half of the month.

Sagittarius: All traffic lights are continuously on green, whether in your work or private life. You capture the hearts of fellow men with your confident attitude, without having to bend over backwards. Exchange your insights and views about questions related to meaning and the higher order. You will meet many who will prove to be kindred spirits. At the same time you could experience the strong Taurus energy as a brake that prevents you from soaring. Allow it to get you back to earth again and again, since it is here that your élan is in demand.

Capricorn: For the time being, things are developing slowly, you need patience; now is the time to catch up and prepare. Around the 20th, the wind will pick up, particularly in your relationships. Make use of this phase in order to clear things up and speak your heart, so that you may continue sailing in a positive direction. Should something now displease you, don’t let it discourage you, as you are not committing mistakes: Everything is exactly as it should be. The wind may not blow in your face, but it doesn’t come from behind yet, either.

Aquarius: Explore unknown territories, test new ways of perception and get ready to move in a new direction. In the not too distant future, your aims will change enormously – it’s as if you are waking up from a long slumber. There is still so much to discover, much of which makes you curious. Some things you will leave behind, but don’t make hasty decisions. In the course of the year, your initial excitement will sort itself out and you will understand that sometimes it suffices to just change perspective and that you need not immediately throw everything.

Pisces: Should problems arise now, try to look at things from a higher perspective. Sharing with a neutral person may be of help. At the same time, seek support for solving practical issues. But don’t just leave it at that – learn from them, so that you are smarter next time. Keep asking until you have understood all the details. Allow yourself to be difficult and to seem ignorant, otherwise you’ll regret later. At the end of May, look after your health and take responsibility for your body.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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