Horoscope June 2011


Jupiter in Taurus brings heaven to earth, inviting us to dive into the divinity of life

Gemini / Cancer

Sun 10° Gemini – 9° Cancer
Moon 0° Gemini – 4° Cancer
retrograde from 11th
26° Taurus – 27° Cancer
Venus 20° Taurus – 26° Gemini
Mars 15° Taurus – 7° Gemini
Jupiter 29° Aries – 5° Taurus
11° Libra
Uranus 4° – 5° Aries
Neptune 1° Pisces
retrograde from 2nd
7° – 6° Capricorn
Chiron 5° Pisces
North node 23° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 11th 3:28h GMT 24° Sagittarius
New Moon, 26th 7:56h GMT 11° Gemini

Mood of the month

“God is not an object. God is this wholeness of existence, this moment; God is the totality.”

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines

Jupiter in Taurus brings heaven to earth, inviting us to dive into the divinity of life. Whoever realizes that this divinity includes all and everything cannot help but enjoy every moment. This approach is more like prayer and less like meditation. Prayer is nothing but pure gratitude of the heart – it fills us with joy, humility and a deep sense of meaning.

“Prayer is the capacity to be amazed. prayer is the capacity that you had as children, and you have lost. Claim it — reclaim it — because with prayer you have lost all. The day your wondering eyes closed, God became nonexistential to you. Open your wondering eyes again, and you will find him pulsating again. He’s very close by… he’s all around you… he is within and without.“

Osho, The Divine Melody

Jupiter will be complemented by Neptune in Pisces – both inspiring the female side of life, our inner knowing that everything is one, that stars tremble when we touch a flower, where the dualism of us on the one hand side, and existence on the other vanishes. Jupiter in realistic Taurus makes us aware that we, after all, are just as much existence as everything else. And Neptune points out to us that existence is boundless and that consequently we as existence, must also be boundless.

To understand this, we may take plenty of time – until the year 2026. But why not get it right now?

Aries: For June, communication and cooperation are your key words. You are full of ideas, open, flexible and playful. Yet in the last week you tend do be going into extremes. Either you’ll refuse adamently any compromise and want to do your own thing whatever the cost, or you just let things take their own course because you cannot bring yourself to sort things out. Both tendencies may alternate, but neither of them will satisfy you. The solution: separate aims from pathways, i.e. do aspire to reach new horizons, while keeping up an easygoing attitude on the way.

Taurus: During the first half of June make use of your head and think things through to the very end, as you tend to be gullible. But never mind, during the second half things become more tangible, so that you can take definite steps; your trust increases. Not only that: for a whole year from now on, it will just keep increasing! Jupiter comes to your support and expands your inner or even outer horizon. Questions of meaning and seeking truth will happily join hands with enjoying and savoring a good life. Zorba the Buddha lives!

Gemini: A fascinating month! The world is your oyster! First week: Your personality oscillates like a rainbow: at first it seems down to earth, then mysterious, then rebellious, then again tender. Second week: various influences keep coming, but now related to your relationships and creative expression. Third week: don’t let yourself be provoked and refuse to play power games. It is your female side that is your resource now, nourishing and fulfilling you. Fourth week: you would like to act, but the time isn’t ripe. Allow yourself a little time out.

Cancer: In the first half you can cover a lot of ground: from worldy point of views to those of a higher order, from mere curiosity to genuine seeking, from what functions in everyday life to what’s lifting you beyond it. But in the second half of June, avoid extremes. You need not prove anything to anybody. Everything or nothing, black or white – its not that easy. Radical turnabouts are now counterproductive, rather choose to follow the smooth path. Relax and trust in life’s capacity to carry you.

Leo: The first half of June is balanced without being boring. Spiritually, many new worlds become available to you, with lots of new ideas, new questions, new insights and new knowledge. The middle of the month, however, will demand yet another deepening and expansion. On the one hand it is about remaking your self-image, and on the other hand it is about opening yourself for higher insights and granting yourself and others more space. Extend your YES for life to include also life’s (and your own) shady sides, instead of pretending that they don’t exist.

Virgo: Now begins a five months’ period of intensified self-reflection. You tend to quarrel with yourself. Once again it is about accepting yourself the way you are right now, instead of pressurizing yourself with overbearing ideals. To cherish values is precious, but you should make clemency with yourself one of your values. Then it becomes easier to forgive others, too. Nobody is perfect, or the other way round: we are all imperfect. Fortunately – it is just our faults and talents that make life so pleasently exciting and colourful.

Libra: The month begins bright and harmonious. Enter into meaningful relationships, but remain playful. The second week might unsettle you, as the reins will be taken from your hands. Now none of your attempts to keep up control will work out. Be flexible, open up to the new and improvise. During the second half of the month, pay attention to the heart level. If your heart is alright, opinions may easily differ. Only communication coming straight from the heart will do now.

Scorpio: A month full of tricky situations. If in the first half of June you are not aware, misunderstandings will happen out of the blue. Don’t feel personally attacked if someone crosses your plans now, but stay calm and just wait. In the second half of the month genuine clashes may happen. Even if you may win: through force, control, menaces, persuasion or manipulation you would only kick off destructive processes which will make nobody happy – not even yourself.

Sagittarius: For a whole year to come, you may now explore and enjoy the fullness of life. Now it is not about future aims, but about the sheer joy in being alive. Lean back and know that everything is being taken care of. Your trust in life often only concerns the spiritual level. With Jupiter in Taurus, however, you may well and truly also include the material level. Your being here is proof enough that existence considers you worth keeping.No need to do anything but be grateful to life for pulsing through you and everything around.

Capricorn: Even though the wind is now turning, it only freshens up gradually. You get further if you remind yourself of what you already know best: to proceed with concentration, discipline and realism. So simply forget any all-or-nothing-solutions, demonstrations of your power or uncompromising demands. No matter how difficult it may be for you: immediately pull yourself out of any situation in which you automatically fall back on old patterns – without leaving the backdoor open. And if you do manage, reward yourself with something special.

Aquarius: In the first half of the month, share your new ideas with others. Both your relationships and your imagination will now be showered with a wealth of new impulses, which you will find easy to include in your life. In the second half, however, there may be some quarrel. Good! Quarrel to your heart’s content! Don’t pull out, but go into the matter and explain to others what’s going on in you and what is important to you for what reason. You will be surprised that they will react much more positively than you had thought.

Pisces: Again and again during the first half of the month, you will be getting into a muddle, which won’t be so easy to clear up. Do your best and trust in a higher plan. More is not possible now. In the second half of the month, most things will start flowing again. You can clear up misunderstandings, but it is too soon for interfering resolutely. Go for your aims and leave it up to existence to reveal the next intelligent steps to you. Now is not the time for trumping up, but on a moderate level things run beautifully.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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