Anando Arnold: Kinetic Objects

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Anando Arnold showcases his kinetic objects which were shown recently at the 3rd Kap-Hoorn-Art Exhibition in Bremen.

Last year I participated in an exhibition about cities, and the idea came to me to create a sculpture of a head with buildings on it. I designed it as an expression of the interaction between the city and the artist living in the city: the artist is puts his stamp on the city, and the city in turn affects the artist. In the process of creating this object I suddenly saw that a small little plane that I intended to place above the city, needs to be moving. So I electrified the object and added a microprocessor to control the movements.

I called it “I ♥ Berlin, NY, Bombay…”. This name includes all the major cities, and the three cities I mentioned have their own special meaning. I was born in Berlin and that is the city I still carry inside me. New York is the symbol for the big city, the great metropolis of the arts, while Bombay is the city I passed through so often on my way to Poona; I hated it at first, but after a while I discovered its beauties and learned to love it. I still travel there nearly every year.

More art objects followed this first creation. It was great fun for me to make the object ‘The Mind’, which shows the flickering of the synapses,  ideas coming up, and then, the output. It says yes and “no” and “yes” and “no” which represents the arguing and undecidedness that we all know of the mind.

The third object ‘She Drives me Crazy’ is the last one, so far. I finished it in March 2011. As you can probably guess, I had great fun in creating it… I always say, “a work of art should be fun and provide a visual experience. It should not only be a theoretical concept.” This philosophy was confirmed as being true when I saw the reaction of the visitors at the 3rd Kap-Hoorn-Art Exhibition in Bremen where they were exhibited recently. People loved them, and they had a lot of fun pressing the buttons and watching the movements.

After these first three kinetic objects, I feel that more objects will come into reality within the next few months. Some of them are already in the process of being created, others are still dormant and waiting to take form inside of me. They will reveal themselves in their own time.

Anando Arnold

Anando has been drawing, painting and building objects since he was a child – and never lost the fun of it (“It’s my way of meditating!”). He took sannyas in 1981 and regularly visited Pune, the Ranch, and then Pune again. In Pune 2 he taught life-drawing and made many paintings there. Anando lived in Ibiza, which he still visits frequently but, for the last four years, he has been living and working in a small town near Berlin, Germany.

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