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Bhagawati’s review on Premgit’s outstanding photo book of images taken in India.

Premgit IndiaCongratulations to Premgit for the publication of his outstanding photo book, ‘India – In Through the Outdoor’ (120 pages, 8″ x 10″ Hardcover). In Osho News we have previously shown several of the superb black-and-white photographs he took during his journeys through India. He particularly enjoys taking pictures of ethnic minorities, and has photographed people of the Bonda, Mahli, Paroja, Desai Kondh and Gadabaa tribes in Orissa; of the Gondh and Baiga tribes of Madhya Pradesh; of the Rabari from Gujarat and Banjari from Rajasthan, and the Sadhus of India.

Each photograph is exquisite. The viewer can get lost in the portrayal of unique and so immensely descriptive faces and depicted situations; every photograph tells an intrinsically woven story. For example in the photo ‘Monsoon’, we see the waters swirl, patterns made by wind and rain, and can actually imagine how it would feel to lower one’s foot into it.

The eyes of the musician captured in Pune, the head turned to his fellow musicians in the back, maybe indicating something about the instrument, one just is on the verge to hearing his words … And the stillness emanating from the quiet figure of Sri Prabhuti sitting on an early morning at the banks of the Ganga while the mists above the waters slowly dissipate – an eternal image.

A splendid book to cherish during quiet moments, reflecting on the depth and cultural richness of the subcontinent.

Bhagawati, Osho News

PremgitPremgit has been a photographer for almost 30 years; he took sannyas in the seventies and was one of Osho’s favourite photographers. For over two decades he concentrated on making fine black and white prints using traditional darkroom techniques and his work has been published in books and magazines worldwide. He lives in England when he is not traveling in Asia. In Osho News: photo galleryVeena’s profile Website:

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