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The movie ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ shows that obesity can be cured and that to change the world, is to change yourself

Obesity has become a worldwide threat to people’s health. Whatever the cause may be for an individual to engorge those fat cells – too much sugar, too many carbs, too many burgers, too many processed foods, too many calories! – it is detrimental and cumbersome. Once fat covers the body to the extent of the Michelin man’s look, it is high noon to do something about it. Obviously, awareness wasn’t home while the fat cells plumped up, and being severely overweight, it is hard to get a handle on slimming down again. Latest research shows that for example since 1995, obesity rates in the U.S.A. have risen by 90%+ in 10 states and have doubled in another 7.

In the recent movie, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, the main character, Australian Joe Cross looks at his own shortened life expectancy by weighing in at 310 pounds (that’s a little over 140 kg). Not only that, his body is stuffed with steroids and he has a debilitating autoimmune disease. He wakes up to the fact that change is needed and to trust his body’s ability to heal itself as conventional medicine and doctors abandoned ship. He swears off junk food, packs a juicer, gets into the car and starts travelling. He is determined to only drink fresh green juice for the next 60 days, get off his medication and reboot his life.

It is an inspiring 3,000 mile journey he embarks on, which leads to Joe’s well-being and much slimmed-down body. By meeting many people on the road with similar woes and able to help by example, he comes to the insight, “What I gained was far more than I lost…and I learned that the best way to change the world, is to change yourself.”

Good on ‘yer, mate!

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