Horoscope August 2011


The summer tranquillity at the beginning of the month will be followed by issues that will give us a foretaste of 2012

Leo Virgo

Sun 9° Leo – 8° Virgo
Moon 25° Leo – 18° Libra
Mercury, retrograde 3rd, direct 26th 1° Virgo – 20° Leo
Venus 4° Leo – 12° Virgo
Mars 28° Gemini – 19° Cancer
Jupiter 9° – 10° Taurus
Saturn 12° – 15° Libra
4° Aries
0° Pisces – 30° Aquarius
5° Capricorn
4° – 3° Pisces
North node 23° – 20° Sagittarius
Full Moon, 13th, 18.59h GMT 21° Aquarius
New Moon, 29th, 03.05h GMT 5° Virgo

Mood of the Moment

The summer tranquillity at the beginning of the month will be followed by issues that will give us a foretaste of 2012: This includes everything having to do with fight, upheaval, power struggles. On the other hand, events since 1998 are still due for completion – along with everything concerning our need for freedom and the more or less successful expression of it.

We are now being challenged to reflect upon what we consider freedom to be. Most of us will have started out with the idea that liberation is an individual affair: my personal liberation from or for something else. I become free of it or for it – but remain trapped – in duality; soon, something new will come along of or from which I will have to liberate myself.

However, how can a liberation look like that goes beyond individuality and duality? It is the freedom the ancient sages and seers of the East have been talking about since time immemorial: moksha. For 13 years, Neptune has been preparing us for this: now it invites us to allow our idea of a personal identity to dissolve into infinity. We have embarked upon the spiritual path because we carry the longing for infinite freedom within us. It has its price though:

„In the West it is very difficult to understand this because whenever you talk about freedom you think of free will, and whenever the East talks about freedom it talks of being free of all free will. Freedom means to be free from you. In the West it means freedom from every barrier, limitation, but you remain, it is your freedom.

In the East when we talk of freedom, you don’t remain in it. You are part and parcel of the bondage, you go with the bondage. Freedom remains, not you; that is moksha. It is not that you become free, on the contrary you become free of yourself.“

Osho, Tao: The 3 Treasures, Vol 3, Ch 4, Q 4

Aries: Now it’s about reconnecting with one’s own roots, and also to expand the I-space. This may sound contradictory at first but spiritually speaking it is synonymous. Because if you dive deeper and deeper into your origins, you will arrive at the source, which in fact is the source of all being. However, if you define yourself as a body-mind-emotion-organism, you may experience its roots but your ego will continue to appear to be separate from the other egos.

Taurus: Harmony and comfort need a counterweight for further development to become possible. It consists of individuality and freedom – neither of which is always harmonious or comfortable. Search deliberately for challenge, risk also uncomfortable situations and you will discover a deep harmony under the apparent disharmony which otherwise you would have missed. Communication even with people quite different from yourself will broaden your perspective and your harmonious yet limited world.

Gemini: Vagueness and ambiguity often result because our own interests mingle undetected among our thoughts and actions. We then don’t see and handle things as they are, but as we would like them to be – which leads to endless complications. This month it is vital to clearly distinguish between what is and what you would like to honestly communicate. The more you say good bye to mere thinking habits, the more space is created for genuine encounter.

Cancer: This August it’s about rediscovering your own strength; this strength is exclusively yours, no matter in which context you move about. Reflect on who you are independent from all and everything around you. Reclaim your dignity – which gets lost whenever you define yourself through togetherness. Don’t worry, you will not lose love, on the contrary, it will grow, since it is free from outer circumstances and unconditionally available to you and everything.

Leo: High energy now goes hand in hand with challenges at all levels. You can perform every task with flying colours, but stumble over too high demands on others and life. Throughout August your relationships will require your utter attention and commitment; particularly in the second half of the month a completely new kind of mutual understanding can develop. Keep on communicating, especially when misunderstandings are looming. Create clarity through sincerity.

Virgo: Use the first three weeks of August to gain clarity; for this, muster the courage to ask specific questions. As long as you make up your own theories, you are in danger of missing vital information. To ask is difficult because you think you might expose yourself but also because the answers might question your theories. In the last third of the month you will feel strong enough to trust your desire for an authentic meeting.

Libra: Relationships with others create and open up space for loving encounters. In August, you are searching for what goes beyond this space, you are seeking the essence of love. If love as such is boundless it means that nothing exists except for love, that love is the very substance of existence, permeating you and everything – no matter how loving or indifferent or reluctant you may feel just now. Everything is allowed to be the way it is at all times, for you cannot possibly exclude love.

Scorpio: In the first half of the month you tend to react irritably, annoyed or even manipulatively towards others; during the second half, heart and spirit will open up. The latter is of course more pleasant, but both take place on the same level. In order to be really free you need a different point of reference; you will find it as soon as you detach yourself from what you feel, experience or think – be it pleasant or unpleasant – shifting your attention to the one who feels, experiences or thinks. What you will find is pure consciousness.

Sagittarius: Desires are powerful engines that help us improve our lives. We need them in order to get going. They are problematic if we hold on to them. Be sensitive to what you really and truly want – not because you might otherwise materialize the wrong thing – no, you will anyway only materialize what you well and truly want. But you’ll be happier if you are aware of and not indulge in dreams that don’t match your true needs.

Capricorn: ”What puts you under pressure?” is now your key question (also useful at other times). Particularly challenging is the time between the 10th and the 25th of August. Just pause for a few minutes several times a day to determine what is really driving you. Then – merely as an experiment – erase your motive and take a deep breath. If you then look at the situation again, your motivation has a lesser grip on you and there is more space for creative solutions, individual expression, and relaxation.

Aquarius: Neptune’s last visit in your sign will make all issues of the past 13 years resonate. It’s mainly about moving beyond your concept of individual self-expression. This is not easy as in doing so you will question essential Western values. But as the rebel of the zodiac you finally want to find peace in that which no longer demands doing or effort. Make this your priority and stand by it – no matter what it signifies.

Pisces: This is the month to face your relationships. Take responsibility – which means that you well and truly put yourself into the shoes of others. How would you feel in their place? Although you are generally friendly and accommodating, even that can be a form of evasion. Dare to take a good look at what’s going on around you and then dare again: be honest, even if you have noticed that others might have their difficulties with it.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. astro-sitara.de

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