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Nityanando’s review on Deva’s latest mantra CD

Deva Premal - PasswordI just listened and am still listening, to ‘Password’. Wow, Deva has moved to new heights, and has taken me with her. Like most of Miten-Deva-Manose music, eventually this too, will be in your playlist. And if ‘ya wanna know where we’re goin’, not just where we’ve been, listen to it soon. They touch your heart, and your dance’s feet, in their own way. Words can’t do justice to music, and music to the opportunity to sing it. Deva, Miten, and Manose take us on a spiritual journey of song, and singing, from the heart of our buddha, to the hearts of our friends.

My comments to the individual tracks:

1. Mangalam
We begin the journey traveling in ‘mantric tranz’. I’ve learned Mangalam in these last few weeks and go with her, with ease.

2. Shyam!
Oh my god, move the furniture, clear the room, and let’s groove. Yes, she, and the boys, have come up with a whole new sound: mantras that groove!

3. Sri Nanda-Nandanastakam
Rhythm that chants

4. Narasimha
An Invocation in Gratitude

5. Mere Gurudev
. . . in silence – homage to the Master

6. Nandana Gopala
Back in the groove, I can feel it com’n from the start. Stand up, close your eyes, god can groove, groove with her!

7. Om Dhara
Just come and groove, to the max. Gotta go… Gotta get up and dance… here we have ‘reggae from the heart of the Buddha’.

8. Aham Prema
Prayer of devotion in its pure form, 108 times, just to make sure.

9. And a reprise of Shyam!
Now a sultry call from Radha to Krishna… longing in every note she sings… and we leave Deva/Radha gradually fade into the silence of the heart….

Nityanando, Osho News

‘Password’ will go live on iTunes on Monday 22nd August 2011 for pre-order. There will be an extra tract exclusive to iTunes as well. And the albums can be pre-ordered before the September 14th (digital) release date and October 10th (physical) release date. For more details visit:
Buy CD from Discord (UK):
Buy CD from White Swan (USA):

Deva Miten Manose

Deva Premal became a musician and a sannyasin when she was still a child. She met Miten in Pune and they started travelling giving concerts and later singing groups. Deva’s passion for mantras found a vivid response in the public (over a million CDs sold) and the theatres and halls never seem to be big enough to accommodate all those who want to attend. The bansuri player Manose was ‘discovered’ by Deva and Miten in 2002 and has been accompanying them since. This is Deva’s 8th CD.

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