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12.11.10 DNA: Osho Foundation skips dates with charity commissioner – Links to articles, Facebook groups and websites

Not quite sure if there has ever been a newspaper or a magazine which published an article saying: “Sorry, we have no clue what is happening!” Maybe some writers might express this in a more sophisticated way – hidden behind a lot of words – but here we are: “We do not know and were unable to find out the truth.”

In the last few weeks I have received tens of emails asking me to read this link, go and vote here and respond there. “What is happening? What is being sold?”

Then one morning I sat in bed pondering about this case: I imagined being in charge of the property and pictured what I would/could do. It crossed my mind that I could consider selling a plot in a marginal area which is not much used (not so many residents, not so many workshops as in the past), to create the money to build something in the main area.

As soon as I opened my inbox I found in one of the many mails on this issue that is was roumored that the property with the parking lot (with a building that contained repair facilities for various machines) might be sold, and someone else mentioned Sanai which is the first house on the left when driving into Koregaon Park. So there is some similarity of thinking, plotting, roumoring.

One mail also mentions that there is so much construction and changes going on, including a new pyramid near Osho House, that the writer cannot imagine a for-sale happening. Am I too blue-eyed to believe this?

Please find out and make your own opinion. Here are the links you can visit:


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