Uttama from Geneva


Uttama, Osho’s translator for the French speaking world, left her body this summer, on 9th August 2011

Uttama Kreis left her body on August 9th 2011.


Chinta and Bhavana write: “Uttama was born 1946 in Switzerland and had very early manifested her interest for human condition, studying at the International Institute of Geneva. Her quest brought her to Pune in 1978 where she took sannyas.

She devoted her life to defend deep ideals and, since 20 years, to spread Osho’s message translating his words into French for pleasure and with devotion.

This work has accompanied her life in a natural and simple way. She translated and published 30 books in different publishing houses and specially in her own Almasta. Uttama loved to say that she was a French parrot. She never took personally the result of her translations and her humility reveals the depth of her work.

Her style is light, precise, colourful and inhabited by her love for Osho. Her translations are faithful to the spirit of the Master. Her books are just a part of the gift of her life.

When Uttama left her body she was warmly surrounded by many devoted friends.

Thank you Uttama for the gift of your life, your love, your unforgettable humour and your rebellious spirit.”


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