Passionate About Nature


Natyam’s latest series of photographs taken in California state parks


Natyam was recently working on a landscape design project in the Berkeley Hills in California. On weekends he took every opportunity he could to get into nature to explore the surrounding area.

These particular photos were taken on a weekend when he and Premyoga headed down to Monterey peninsula. The seals were all lying on a small pier at Moss Landing taking a break and resting and it was incredibly touching to see them all huddled so close together.

They continued to the Point Lobos State Reserve and then drove inland and hiked in the Pinnacles National Monument. The trails are carved right out of the rocks. It is magnificently beautiful with amazing stone formations.

Natyam is planning a nature photography book which he is working on from his many years of traveling and taking photos in India, Bali, Kauai, Central America and the Pacific Northwest and other areas of North America.



Natyam Schraven came to Osho in 1975 and worked as a landscaper at #70 during the Pune 1 years and in Osho’s garden during the times at Rajneeshpuram. After the Ranch he started his own landscape design business with a holistic approach and has created beautiful gardens in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and California. Natyam is also a passionate photographer taking time off to explore uncommon regions all over the world. He lives outside Seattle with his beloved, Premyoga.

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