Horoscope January 2012


Mars in Virgo is moving towards its retrograde motion which begins on January 24th. Mid-April it is going to turn again and only reaching its present position in mid-June.


Sun 10° Capricorn – 11° Aquarius
Moon 7° Aries – 20° Taurus
Mercury 20° Sagittarius – 7° Aquarius
Venus 14° Aquarius – 21° Pisces
Mars, retrograde from 24th 20° – 23° Virgo
Jupiter 0° – 3° Taurus
Saturn 28° – 29° Libra
Chiron 2° – 4° Pisces
Uranus 1° – 2° Aries
Neptune 29° – 30° Aquarius
Pluto 7° – 8° Capricorn
North node 13° – 11° Sagittarius
Lilith 2° – 3° Taurus
Full Moon, 9th, 7.31h GMT 18° Cancer
New Moon 23th, 7.40h GMT 3° Aquarius

Mood of the Moment

Mars in Virgo is moving towards its retrograde motion which begins on January 24th. Mid-April it is going to turn again and only reaching its present position in mid-June. In other words, no matter how exciting and revolutionary the coming times may be – something will always be trying to regress and find the right balance. This may often be very healthy, but can also be very annoying if you are aiming for radical changes. The conflict between revolutionary forces and those that want to bring back reason will gradually increase, threatening to radicalize both sides.

But in January it is still calm. All those starting to own up to Virgo’s energy will benefit tremendously, and neither fight nor identify with it. Virgo is the sign of healing. In order to be able to heal body, soul, and spirit, Virgo puts the finger on all the sores which are not yet healed; only if one faces that which is not alright, can it be put in order. Sometimes this requires gentle corrections, while at other times rigorous steps are needed. And Chiron in Pisces points out that some wounds cannot be healed – one has to rise above them.

AriesAries: The pugnacious irritation of early January changes as soon as you use your excess energy creatively. This works best now by adopting unusual perspectives and approaching things in new and different ways instead of following habits. Most importantly step out of your lone fighter mentality and look for equal-minded people who are interested in your ideas, even if those appear crazy at first. Search everywhere for your individual way of expression and don’t let yourself be put into a corset!

TaurusTaurus: In the first third of the month enjoy the abundance of life! In the second third it is about transcendence – i.e. look beyond the abundance of life which still has its limits; then seek unlimited abundance, which even embraces its counterpart, scarcity. Once you’ve tasted abundance on both levels it is about coming to terms with ‘greed’. Greed appears out of a sense of scarcity, and this can only arise if you don’t dare to trust boundless abundance.

GeminiGemini: Your impatience will soon transform itself into peacefulness, openness, and trust. This month’s fundamental energy is rather slow. It goes deep and is simultaneously gripping and effective. Move gradually and methodically and keep your aims in mind without holding tensely onto them. Above all don’t fight with the relative seriousness and severity; end of the month this will change into an uncomplicated, playful energy and you will find back to your true lightness.

CancerCancer: The first half of the month is pleasant throughout even though relationship issues will play a role again and again. The second half of January is a time for decisions. Basically it will be about appreciating friendship. As long as your relationships are based on friendship you meet others in freedom and out of your aloneness. Only then can you accept them and yourself for what you are, and only then can you remain without any dramas in relationships. Find people who appreciate and share your spiritual side.

LeoLeo: In the first three weeks of January everything will bring you down to earth without necessarily obstructing your ways. It may take a little longer to get moving but then your strength is undiminished. Instead of feeling slowed down use the momentum by employing the energy there where it stabilizes you. In the last third of the month the sparks fly. Don’t expect miracles but now you can try out something new and trust unchartered territories. Experiment also with your own appearance and self-image.

VirgoVirgo: Above all, Mars in Virgo demands humility since it can only realize its full potential by serving. Those who want to encourage others to do that which they themselves want, move straight into an arduous time. It is not about fighting now but solely about examining the given situations and to recognize what the participants need. To find out, empathy, patience and the willingness to listen are needed. Only then take action.

LibraLibra: Make the steps that are obviously on the agenda. As long as you doubt, they are evidently not needed on the agenda. It is as simple as that. Because strictly speaking it is not you who decides; you simply follow life’s decisions. Interestingly life is much less demanding than you are. And life flows… from one suboptimal solution to the next. If you do it in the same way you are in the flow and know that every step you take can be corrected through one of the next ones.

ScorpioScorpio: Trust your deepest insights and communicate them in a way that is in tune with your heart. Your heart rests in itself; it is in the now and without intent. Clever maneuvers to achieve this or that are alien to it. It knows that everything happens exactly as it is meant to happen – including all your own steps. Contrary to popular belief the heart is in harmony – whether it is relating with someone or not. But it radiates and therefore attracts people towards it.

SagittariusSagittarius: Communication is dance, music – an art and at the same time a natural flow – so don’t make a war out of it. In the second half of the month you stand at a crossroads: either you follow the conventional path that promises security, pleasure, and close intimacy. The question is whether you are really that well suited to that path. The other path calls for a life in free fall – meaning courage and trust. And it promises nothing except itself: freedom. Both paths are fine but you can only walk one of them.

CapricornCapricorn: You can now explore the infinite riches of your mind. That the body deserves to be appreciated and cared for is already being realized within spiritual scenes. The mind, however, is almost always ignored. Yet without it we could neither learn nor remember what we learned to build upon it and continue learning. And without this capacity we would still be lying in our cribs, dependent and ignorant. It’s high time to appreciate what makes your spiritual development possible to begin with.

AquariusAquarius: In the first half of December it is primarily about giving – both materially and immaterially – like granting time, energy, compassion, joy and understanding. In the second half, male aspects gain more weight; follow your ideas, share with others and find new perspectives regarding old issues; explore your creativity and play with it. But don’t overdo anything; always look for an appropriate way that is in tune with those who are touched by it.

PiscesPisces: The year begins for you by exploring love as a transformative force and any kind of relationship as a field where this force can unfold. First of all it must be liberated of all schmaltzy clichés. Who dares to follow the voice of love within, rejects the identification with pleasurable feelings. As a transformative power love is by no means soft but tough, as it demands the complete surrender of the ego.


Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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