Music — 17 January 2012

Taza from Brazil created his own version of Beethoven’s Adagio in Eb

Taza created his own rendering of Beethoven’s Adagio in Eb. He said, “I love this song and I love this man Beethoven. I visited his house a few years ago, looking at his belongings, his piano and horn; his suffering is reflected in his music but he also loved a lot – this is reflected in this song, “Love is God” (Osho). The meaning of Acordai (Portuguese) is ‘Wake Up’!

TazaAnand Taza was born and lives in Brazil. Already when he was 4 years old it was discovered he has absolute hearing. At age 7 he had his first public performance on the piano. Nowadays he calls himself a musician, composer, supposedly a professor of piano and a psychologist. He loves recording and has produced more than 35,000 hours of music so far. A most recent project was recording 22 songs dedicated to the Major Arcana Tarot cards. He has about 400 music videos on YouTube and says, “although they are not professional, I still love them!”