Hot Chillies 1

Hot Chillies

No. 1 of a selection of ‘hot’ quotes by Osho

If you cannot listen to words said against your mind you need not come here; this is not the right place for you. I am not here to buttress your egos; I am here to destroy them. I have to speak against them. My whole work consists in destroying. First a great destruction is needed, only then your energies are released for some creative work.

Osho, Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 8, Ch 11

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I don’t want you to be addicted to me. I don’t want to be a drug to you. The so-called masters and teachers of the religions of the whole world – I have come across almost all kinds and all categories of teachers – want their disciples to be addicted to them, to be dependent on them. That is their power trip. I don’t have any power trip. I love you, whether you are with me or not with me. I want you to be independent and confident that you can attain these precious moments on your own.

Osho, The Invitation, Ch 14, Q1

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If somebody is coming to help you, escape! Your life is in danger. Avoid the do-gooders, the so-called saints and mahatmas. I am not here to console you, to comfort you, to make you secure. I am here to destroy you utterly, because only then is the new born – the new man, the new consciousness. If I help, the old will continue. All help goes to help the old. All help keeps the old surviving; it nourishes it. No, I am not going to help in anyway.

Osho, The First Principle [The last question]

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