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Akash left his body on Monday 13 February 2012 in Pune

From Tanmayo Poonam we hear that he was ailing for a few months and that the doctors couldn’t diagnose why. Yesterday afternoon he was apparently exhausted after a cycle ride to Kalidas Gandhi at East Street and lay down to rest at his friends’ house in Koregaon Park and never recovered. His friends took him to Inlaks Hospital and he died sometime during the night.



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We used to be guarding together, at all the different commune gates in the 90’s. He was sweetness incarnated. A meditator… and a real devotee…

How can I not remember my dear sweet friend Akash. I used to see him every day for many many years in the ashram and always with a beautiful and genuine smile, like a sweet heart pouring out of his face. Thank you for sharing your heart with me, dear one. I love you, dear friend,
Kashi Anand

…never forgot your smile. Charaveti, charaveti, beloved Akash,
Ma Atmo

Thank you for posting this news about Akash. I knew him and loved him. He was/is a beautiful man!

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