Avi (aka Avinash)


Avinash left his body on 27th February 2012

From Shahido we hear that Avi Katz (architect, from South Africa) took his flight just before 11am yesterday morning. He has been suffering from COPD for many years.

Avi’s Celebration is this coming Saturday, 3rd March at 3pm at Q’s and Jeann’s! Please bring a drum, a poem or a story and/or… and bring a delicious food choice to share. Avi looooved fooood! We will celebrate and sing and dance and play music! The address is 1424 Phillips ST #C, Vista 92083.

6th March: Premananda sent us the link to the photos of the Celebration (this is a public album so no need to log in) – www.facebook.com

Osho named him Sambuddha Swami Prem Avinash, meaning: Invincible – Eternal Love

Shahido writes:

Many of us have been with Avi in his ‘departure lounge’ for the last 4-5 days. It truely was an amazing Re- Union! It has been sooooo very touching. There are so many stories of divine precision and healing and laughter. I can not begin to write them here, now, at this hour. But just a taste:

Govindo and Mangala and Jack (Videh) were with Avi this morning as he took his last breath. They anointed him and made the room beautiful and as the ‘tribe’ began to gather, Qadin had some old Ranch music and we sang “Bhagwan you take me to the depths of our love” (sang by Suresha) and we loved him some more and when the time came to release his body we escorted him out to the van… us singing and crying… and holding each other like a little drive-by!

The fragrance in his room is that of deep love and expansion and sweetness of peace. I was awake all night last night, being with him somehow, such a very rich experience.. so many miracle and divine intervention that could only be orchestrated by the divine, which in this case, with Avi’s deep love for Osho, we might call the Mistro Osho!

Saturday morning Chetan left Malibu at 5am to go to see Avi. He arrived with champagne! Saturday night Jeanne and Mangala climbed into bed (a little hospital bed no less) with Avi, Qadin hosting a light show on the ceiling (as if Avi wasn’t already seeing enough on his own all day). Finally sandwiched between two beloveds he fell asleep! Avi’s sheet was Q’s sheet from the Ranch! The little figures on the blue sheets were Osho photos!

His estranged daughter, Maya, came yesterday and when Avi’s son Lalit told him she was there, he put his hand on his heart and whispered “this is good”! and I observed every fiber in his being let go and relax. After Maya left, he then slept soundly for hours. When he finally awoke, Mangala read him the card from his other estranged daughter. Then Avi was asked for his friend Jack (Videh). He was on the phone early that evening with us and was due first thing in the morning. It was like Avi had his little check list and it was incomplete!

Just as Avi was beginning to struggle this morning and Mangala was at an edge of OMG, Videh showed up precisely on time and in time that Avi knew he was there! Govindo also arrived just then and the three of them were with him for his last breath. The hospice nurse and social worker were also there. Anubuddha’s brother, Frank, the spiritual advisor part of the hospice team, arrived moments later. Avi’s son, Lalit arrived moments later also!

The hospice folks were blown away: they said they had never worked with a client that had such amazing support with the presence and capacity to help the person, so uplifting and joyful and heartful.

We have been given a beautiful, profound gift. I am thankful. All of us who were there in person have a very deep gratitude in our hearts!



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As we all from around the planet share our hearts with the passing of one of Osho’s beloveds, Avinash, I would like to share a few things from the past. When I came back from Poona in 1981 to Utsava, Laguna Beach, a raw, new, and wild sannyasin, there I met for the 1st time Avinash, co-centerleader with Punita. When things where getting a bit crazy for me, I remember what Avinash told me: “This too shall pass.” Thank you Avinash, for being wiser, older and more grounded then I was. I remember meeting him again at Rajneeshpuram with Punita and Lalit. I know that many of the buildings there have the signature of Avinash on them. So long, friend, on your journey from now to now. You have been much appreciated for your work and your sharing… eternal peace at Osho’s feet.
Jivan Abhiram

You’ve probably heard about Avi making his departure from this earth this past Saturday. I had given him a few colonics in the past year. Friday I was able to come by his house, once with a salad (which I believe his son Lalit enjoyed) and the second time with some energy soup I had made up. Mangala called a few days later and told me that Avi actually ate some soup and loved it! Now that made me happy!

I gave him a lot of hugs, sitting with him, stroking his head and chatting away – saying my farewells and giving him my love.
He was a sweet soul. I was not able to make it to the celebration on Sunday but I could feel him leaving and had my own little dance in my house. It was so good to see old Sannyasin friends from way, way back and share in the love and laughter for the times I was there. I know that Avi must’ve been pleased feeling all the loving energy surrounding him, all that juicy, sannyasin energy floating all around him…. Much love,

Just came upon this news and it touched me. Thanks Avi! I lived in the same townhouse with him and Punita at the ranch. Was always nice to have a little more ‘mature’ energy there. Onetime I came home late totally tired and a bit down and ran into him. He said one short sentence that made me smile and feel rejuvenated. Later had the privilege of working with him in Chuang Tzu office. Thanks Avi for your bits of wisdom. And thanks to all his friends for giving him such a nice send-off. Love and blessings,

Beloved Avinash, Fucking Fabulous Best Osho partner to Ma Prem Punita Katz for 30+ years in the Osho Buddhafield since London 1973 and everywhere we were together: husband, Osho commune mate, cook extraordinaire, dharma companion, samurai — oldest, dearest friend always and forever. My heart is lying next to your heart — with no space in between. Thanks for turning the last light green! We had so much fun! Here’s some of Avi’s favorite fotos from his desktop: conversationswithlove.net – Luv,

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