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An inspirational DVD by world-acclaimed author Tanmaya Honervogt in German language

Reiki DVD by Tanmaya HonervogtWhenever something comes out of Tanmaya’s creativity pot it will always be to the point, without frills and, of course, aesthetically pleasing.

For newbies this DVD will be a valuable companion on their journey with Reiki and for those who have taken Reiki a while ago (and there are many around) it will be a refresher and an inspiration to pick up this beautiful hands-on-healing method again.


From the start we can steer straight to the following chapters:

  • a short history of Reiki
  • self-treatment (the positions and morning and evening treatment)
  • treatment for others (full body treatment, sequence of treatments, additional positions, treating acute ailments)
  • and finally the Gasho and Strengthen the Heart Meditations (both new to me)

Just watching the video, without doing anything, I got drenched in Reiki energy and felt enriched, calm, grateful, in awe. It was a wonderful start of my day! Tanmaya has that particular talent: I heard that many who have just opened one of her books felt overwhelmed by a strong Reiki ‘whoosh’.

The hand-positions are presented in a beautifully arranged setting with pleasant looking ‘actors’. ‘Actors’ in inverted commas because these are three of Tanmaya’s students. The pace is slow enough to absorb the image of the positions, but a faded in-and-out black screen reminds us that each position needs to be kept for 3-5 minutes or longer. The voice explaining the hand positions and their healing potential is that of a professional actress, wonderfully chosen as she managed to keep the tone clear but soft and warm (this is possible even in High German!).

I remember Tanmaya telling me last summer with some nervousness about going up north to record her first DVD. Although she is an accomplished public speaker this was her first experience in front of a camera, but it will not be her last because two more DVDs are planned: one for the second and one for the third, the Master-Teacher degree. Can’t wait to watch those!

If I almost forgot to mention the background music it is solely because it melts so unobtrusively and beautifully into the imagery and into the talk. Its scales, instruments and melodies hint toward the country of origin of Reiki: Japan.

The accompanying booklet highlights the most important points so that we can also learn through another medium, that of the written word.

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TanmayaTanmaya is a renowned healer, Reiki-Teacher, authoress and one of the pioneers of Reiki in western culture. Having come to Osho in 1981, and spent time working both at the Ranch and in Pune, Tanmaya spends her time between Germany and England, travelling throughout Europe to hold Reiki trainings and healing seminars. Her five best-selling books have been translated into 16 languages, reaching sales of over half a million copies worldwide.


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