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Viha Connection is the longest running (over 25 years!) magazine of our caravanserai in print (recently also in electronic version).

And here’s an invitation to all of you to remember those inexplicable moments with and around Osho and write them down to share with the world at large!


We at The Viha Connection would like to preserve stories about people’s personal experiences with Osho. As more and more of the people attracted to Osho and His work are people who never met Him in life, these stories become ever more precious.

We aren’t getting any younger, as the cliché goes, so we’d like to gather these while many of us who knew Him or sat with Him are still in the body.

We invite anyone with a good story to tell to send us articles of around 1,200 words or less in length. We will keep these to run in an ongoing column on the history of Osho and the community. We will be glad to get any fun and interesting stories. Some ideas are stories about:

  • Meeting Osho when He was younger, when He was a teacher or traveling around the country
  • People who had Osho stay at their houses or at their parents’ houses
  • People who had tea with Him and corresponded with Him
  • The meditation camps held around India in the early 1970s
  • The big gatherings where Osho spoke in the early days
  • Meeting Osho at Woodlands apartments in Mumbai
  • The Kailash community Osho had a few people set up in the 1970s
  • Setting up the early ashram in Pune in 1974
  • Darshans and energy darshans
  • Meeting Osho as a child in the community
  • Other meetings with Osho during His life

If you know of anyone who might have a good story, particularly a story of the earliest days of Osho’s work, please pass this invitation along.

Electronic submissions in Microsoft Word are best. Please send them to oshoviha@oshoviha.org

If you have photos from the time period you write about, please include them. Again, electronically is best; we need high resolution (300 dpi).

We are also looking for a new kind of article for the ‘Skillful Means’ column. In the past we’ve run articles about practitioners and the modalities they use. Now we would like to invite people to write short articles (around 500 words) that provide our readers with information on specific techniques the readers can use.

These can be physical techniques, meditation techniques, healing techniques, and so on. We, of course, don’t give medical advice to people, but if you have useful techniques readers can use we would like to facilitate that sharing.

If you have a wonderful meditation technique you picked up from a Tibetan lama in the Himalayas or a great exercise to reduce back pain or the perfect solution to insomnia or the recipe for a heavenly homemade massage oil that you are willing to share, we would like to hear from you.

Writers of these skillful means articles don’t need to purchase advertisements in the magazine, as writers of more promotional articles need to do. If you have a service or product people in the community might be interested in, we encourage you to advertise anyway and support the Viha Connection.

Electronic submissions in Microsoft Word are best. Please send them to oshoviha@oshoviha.org

Love from the Editorial Board of the Viha Connection

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