Vismaya: Forever is not Long Enough

Art Gallery

Swiss artist showcases her latest oil paintings.


Painting inner traces outwards…

…was the theme of my last exhibition. Every painting I start is like a journey going inside and never knowing what the result will be. Inspired by nature or ancient places, by construction sites, whenever I see old rotten stuff liying around, when I see used wood, I see footprints of old memories. I am attracted to used old objects, and when I’m painting I let myself be led by images and emotions.

This brings me to visualise my subjective perception and turn it outwards to release the internal pictures. Lived and used things carry stories in themselves, which I can only speculate about. The emotional and dynamic rhythm allows me to paint in absolute freedom.

One day in 2006 I decided to change my bodywork session room to an art studio for painting. I decided to live my dream and paint every day, show my paintings at exhibitions, and sell some of them. After painting with different materials such as acrylic, spray, ink and about a year ago I discovered oil colours and started a series which I called painting inner traces outwards. Painting with oils gives me a lot of space, because each layer needs to dry for almost a week; therefore the process of each painting becomes very slow and helps me feel inner peace. I started resting in front of my paintings and really see what I am expressing.

Having lost many members of my family in my early childhood, there was a lot of letting go for me to do. In times of grief and inner pain, not knowing where I belonged to, I just painted – always mixed colours and put them on canvas. When I am painting nothing else exists and I can reflect on what is inside of me which more often than not is so surprising and full of wonder.

Amrit became my label, being one of the names Osho gave me; it means eternity, and for me it’s a word my mind can’t catch up with! What is eternity? Of course it’s here and now! But also the word contains forever, but forever doesn’t exist, so I came out with the phrase ‘Forever is not Long Enough’. I play with that… history is always here, and the story does not matter.

VismayaAmrit Vismaya is an autodidact painter who lives and works in Zürich. Born in Germany, two months-old Vismaya was adopted by Swiss parents who died when she was ten. She was raised in a small gay community and already as a teenager gratefully realized what a gift life is. She took sannyas at age 20 and was so turned on to live with a spiritual master, that she forgot all about her dreams of becoming an artist. Instead, she lived and worked in various Osho communes where she learned to love herself and meditation became essential.

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