Jokes — 01 April 2012

Warning: this is an April fool’s news item…

…but have a read of this later article: Greece Update

In a startling announcement the Greek government, crippled by economic woes amid a severe financial crisis and the subsequent bailout deal with Europe, declared their unanimous decision to implement the system of Meritocracy to save their country from total breakdown and anarchy.

In a speech broadcast worldwide, it was acknowledged that they are indebted to Osho to have come to this decision. They further stated that Osho, who had visited their country in 1986 had been wrongly expelled from the island of Crete because of undue interference by the then all-powerful church.

The selection criteria of the new members of the government are based on their merit and not on any membership to a political party. They will unite to implement the much needed reforms and a positive result will be achieved quickly, within the coming two years at most. It is hoped that this move will be an inspiration for the European Union.

It was also mentioned that Osho’s collected talks on Zorba the Buddha are to become required reading for school children starting from the age 10.


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