My political system is totally different. I call it meritocracy, because it will depend on merit. It will not be a political system, it will not have any political parties. People will be running for posts on their own merit. And each individual will decide on his own, because no political party will be pressurizing him. There will be no political party at all – individual to individual – no gang will be allowed.

And anybody who is chosen is chosen because of his merit. If you choose a secretary for finance, then you will choose the best economist in your country.

This does not happen at all. People who don’t know anything of economics become finance secretaries, ministers. People who don’t know anything about education become education ministers. InIndiaI knew a man who was just an idiot. He knew nothing about medicine and he became the health minister. In a meritocracy this type of man can never become a health minister, because there will be more qualified people running for the post. Vice-chancellors who have an experience of the whole of life will be standing for the post of the education minister.

No political parties, because they pressurize. They accumulate money, they gather people into a certain group, make them faithful to a certain ideology, almost like religion. Political parties are dangerous just as religions are dangerous. I want religion to be individual. It is an individual search for truth, and politics is an individual search for a better society, better culture.

In meritocracy, my idea is to have communes rather than cities, communes rather than families. Families should dissolve, pour all their energies into one pool. Big cities should become divided into small communes, running their affairs on their own. The whole country becomes a country of communes, not of cities.

These communes will not enforce any kind of equality, which is being done in communist countries. But on the contrary, these communes will try to become as wealthy as possible, so the wealth is more than enough, more than needed. And everybody can have according to his need. I believe in abundance, I don’t believe in poverty.

And I believe that man is capable of creating immense wealth. He has just to be given the right opportunity. Wealthy communes – still no enforcement of equality, although without enforcement, out of love and compassion and friendship there will arise a different kind of equality. Nobody will think about it.

Now here everybody is eating the same food, equal. But we are not bragging that this is communism. This is simply human, that everybody who is here is part, an essential part of the commune, and should receive the same food, should receive, as far as possible, everything that he needs: medical care, recreation, entertainment.

But this is not forced. It has to come by itself Just as there is enough air – nobody keeps it locked inside the house because sometimes air may be scarce and he may die of the scarcity of oxygen, so he should keep something stored. There is enough air. In the same way, there should be more than enough of everything available to everybody, without any discrimination: no political party, no religious party. Communes – living out of love, no families, no equality imposed, but an equality coming on its own, just out of sheer love and brotherhood.

And finally, no crime should be punished. Every crime should be treated as a disease, a sickness of the mind.

And if meritocracy spreads all over the world, there is no need for nations. If you can have the best mind to be the education minister of the whole world, then why have a third-class mind just because he happens to be an Oregonian or American?

All that is essential – academic institutions, scientific academies, art, everything that is useful – should be international. Its branches can be all over the world, but it should be in the hands of the best people, the geniuses.

It is really amazing that an art school will exist, but Picasso will not be accepted as the director of it. They will accept his painting for millions of dollars, and somebody who is not known by anybody, not a single painting of his has been sold or exhibited in any exhibition, remains the director of the art institute, just because he has a degree, knowledgeability. But painting does not depend on knowledgeability. Otherwise, Mozart cannot be a director of a music institute, Nijinsky cannot be a director a dance institute, because these people have no knowledge, no degrees. But they have merit. They have experience, they have the magic, the charisma.

All the institutions of the world should be in the hands of charismatic people. There are always enough charismatic people, but they are not allowed in the competition, for many reasons. These charismatic people are rebellious, so they rarely manage to get a university degree. Long before, they are expelled.

These charismatic people know too much, no institution can teach them any more, so there is no point in joining those institutions and wasting time. But then they cannot become directors. It is an ugly world, because we should like people like Mozart to be music directors. They will encourage their students to imbibe the spirit of music. Their third-rate students will be thrown out, and one who is accepted by Mozart has already got the degree, by his acceptance, by his entrance.

So my vision is the whole world finally becoming a meritocracy, but before the world becomes a meritocracy, nations should begin. Meritocracy will have all that is beautiful in democracy and all that is beautiful in communism. And it will not have all that is ugly in communism and all that is ugly and phony in democracy.

And it is time to give a chance to something new.

Osho, The Last Testament, Vol 2, Ch 21