Voyages — 26 May 2012

Sigari, Siddhartha’s partner, left her body on 24th May 2012.

Mahana (via Swami Shunyam) writes: “Eleven days after Siddhartha left his body, his beloved wife and lover, Ma Gyan Sigari, also left her body, at 2.35pm.”

She died in the Bayreuth hospital from complications (pneumonia) after an intensive therapy against leucemia.


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Beloved Sigari, fly high to your ecstasy!

Beloved Sigari, you are with both your beloveds, Osho and Siddhartha. May you help us in your formless form too.

Beloved Sigari, You are one of the kindest and most loving women I have ever met. Only the good die young. Have a beautiful journey, and give my greetings to Siddhartha, please.