To Lady Dolphins and Tibetans


A poem by Madhuri

You, mirthful brusque denizen
With the penetrating eye
Your self-possession clad
In turquoises and corals
Thank you for allowing me
Into your land-sea
With its high waves
And still spaces
For stopping to have a little gossip
With me,
And a little yak-butter, fish-butter, tea.

Madhuri with dolphin

Here am I, white-skinned
Too weak to climb far into your
Or bear its sunburnt, childbirthing, tipsy, skidding
Scree –
I meet you at the threshold
Of your weathering wildplace
And offer up my
Pale pearl heart
To friendliness – a calm
Which says our supple husks are various
Our bellybuttons similar
Our spirits climbing, flying,
Swimming free –

Poem by Madhuri, Weston, January 2012

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