Satish: Super-Chill at Cafe Amsterdam


Satish shares some of his music tracks to chill out.



In essence I wanted to share Osho’s words with the world through music. I am now also working on meditation dance music. This is for active meditations, whereas the “Chill”, which you can hear above, is more for lounge or driving and, of course, sitting silently.



Satish is known for playing at the Kids Disco. With 14 he began his career as a DJ in a German Disco. In the early ’90s he was a main player in the Poona-Goa parties: the infamous three-day party and the thumping Pyramid parties. He is also known for playing near Byron Bay. When he moved near San Francisco he began his first project ‘The Tantra Vision’. Back in Europe he worked on new projects like ‘The Moment’. He has since released various tracks and played around the world at festivals the likes of Vuuv, Full Moon, Omni and Burning Man. Satish is co-founder of ‘I-O Music’.

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