Photography — 10 June 2012

Introducing Sadhvi’s marvelous world of flowers.

Sadhvi's Swiss Gnome
Sadhvi's Daffodils
Sadhvi's Hot Pink Morning Glories
Sadhvi's Pink Hollyhock
Sadhvi's Oriental Side Shot
3 poppies Sadhvi
Sadhvi's Oriental Red Poppy
Sadhvi's Oriental Salmon Poppy
Sadhvi's White Poppy
Sadhvi's Mexican Torchflower
Sadhvi's Pink Poppy
Sadhvi's Chamomile
Sadhvi's Peony

Planting flowers
that I love
I go catch the moment
they open
with a camera
to feel
that deep and simple joy
in my heart
because when they bloom
so do I!

Sakshi and I bought a house nearly ten years ago in North Carolina. At that time I knew next to nothing about gardening but I did know that I wanted to have the flowers around me that I love to see and smell. I started to plant seeds and cuttings and plants that I got from friends; I kept moving them around the yard so they have the best spot to thrive. I have been rewarded seeing them bloom every year. Such a delight! Each flower is like a present, a surprise, since I am not sure if it will come, and when it does, I feel blessed because it is magic. I hope you enjoy what I see in my world in my garden.

Sadhvi Sadhvi took sannyas in 1980, spent the best time of her life at the Ranch in Oregon as a bus driver and in the accounts department. She lives with Sakshi in Asheville, NC, works in real estate, and can be found in her garden when she can get there.