She is the World


Arnavah shares one of his tracks from ‘Songs from Bed’



She doesn’t know what day it is
but she knows when it’s gonna rain
She puts her hands upon my breast
to wash away the pain

She shivers when I touch her
she whispers in my soul
Her kiss is everlasting
she makes my body whole

She is the desert
the mountain and the sea
She is the world
a mystery to me

I see her in the forest
I see her in the trees
I see her before she disappears
and leaves so quietly

Does she live next door to me
or on the other side of town?
Is she wearing blue jeans
or a silk white wedding gown?


She rides into a fairytale
she hop scotches through time
She flies on a flamingo
she dances on a rhyme

I see her in the clouds
I see her in the sun
I see her everywhere
and in everyone



Arnavah with guitarArnavah is a writer, a ghost-writer and a singer-songwriter. He was born in the United States, grew up in Kenya and has lived and worked in many places. In 2004-5 he spent a year meditating in Pune and working as an Osho books editor. He trained in Core Integration bodywork in Pune and recently trained to facilitate Osho Mystic Rose. Arnavah generally follows his heart, and it has most recently taken him to Beijing.
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