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Shahido writes about taking sannyas in 2012 via e-mail:

Communicating with friends and hearing about their lives is a joy to me. Surely there are millions of stories happening all the time to Osho’s people but I still find it pretty amazing when it happens to me. When I receive stories or quotes by Osho I send them on and I never know if it touches someone. Well here is one that has touched someone – and here I am sharing the subsequent correspondence that began with a mail on the occasion of Osho’s birthday on December 11, 2010. I circulated a mail I had received:

Sent: Saturday, 11 December 2010
Subject: December 11


Osho discourse night


It is not a question of time. If you decide to be a disciple, it can go on and on — in the body and out of the body,

with the mind, without the mind, in life and in death, within life and beyond life.

This game is an eternal game, that’s why I call it the ultimate game.

Those who decided to play with Christ, they are still playing; on new planes, in new plenitudes it continues.

Those who decided to play with Buddha are still playing. The game is so beautiful. so eternal, who wants to stop it?

I may not be here in the body but that will be a loss only to those who are not close to me,

that will be a loss only to those who were not courageous enough to be with me.

When I have gone out of the body it is not going to be a loss to you if you have really been a disciple.

The game will continue. I will remain available, you will remain available.

 It is a question of the heart, it is a question of consciousness.

And consciousness knows no time; consciousness is beyond time,

consciousness is timelessness.


The Art of Dying, Chapter 8, Question 1


This mail also reached Anand Bodh in Perth, Australia, to which he answered:

To: Shahido
Sent: Saturday, 11 December 2010
Subject: Re: December 11

Hi Shahido,
Thanks for sharing this one with us on this day today. Yes, I have been reading all about your trip to India and how you had lots of fun with all the different meditation resorts. I will keep in touch. Thanks and best regards,
Anand Bodh (Nirav)

More than one-and-a-half years passed when I received this mail:

From: Nirav
Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Subject: Anand Bodh – Nirav Vyas

Hi Shahido,
My name is Sejal and I am the wife of Nirav (Anand Bodh), who has been in contact with you many times. We bought a few CD’s of Maneesha and a few of Osho’s. The reason why am writing this to you is that to let you know that Nirav was diagnosed with rectal cancer last year, August 2011. The cancer was so active and within the following 6 months my life changed drastically. He was hospitalised and left his body at age 40 on March 3, 2012. I still can’t believe that he is not there with me.
I am reading Osho’s books and his discourses, doing meditation whenever I get a chance. There is so much pain, fear, anxiety, and grief in my heart, but Osho’s teaching is helping me so much to go through this difficult time.
Whenever I am sitting silently I get a strong urge within me to take sannyas. I want to take sannyas! When Nirav was here we had decided to go to Pune to take sannyas at the ashram, but now I have realised life is too short and I want to take sannyas while am here in Perth. Could you please let me know, what is the procedure or does your group (Centre) have any information about it. I would really appreciate if you can help me with this information.
I will be waiting for your reply.
Thanks and best regards,
With love

To: ‘Nirav Vyas’
Sent: Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Subject: RE: Anandboth – Nirav Vyas

Beloved Sejal,
So good to hear from you and that you want to take sannyas. It is possible to take sannyas here in Australia; there are many people who cannot travel to Pune or Delhi. Also good to hear that you and Nirav were planning to go to Pune…life takes so many twists and turns!  We are so fragile and never know when death is coming; what a blessing that he was in contact with Osho and would have faced the unknown with Osho’s help.
I can send you a mala.  I often give sannyas to Osho’s lovers when they can’t make the journey to Pune. Please tell me the meaning of your name or would you like to choose a new name? Was Nirav in touch with any of Osho’s people in W.A.? I did send him the name of an Indian sannyasin called Arjun as a contact.  Do you have any friends or relatives who could stay with your children while you visit us on the East coast?
Keep reading and listening to Osho; if you need more Osho talks let me know.
Love and blessings
Call me any time.

From: Nirav Vyas
Sent: Thursday, 21 June 2012
Subject: Re: Anandboth – Nirav Vyas

Hello Shahido,
Thanks for your e-mail. I would love to come and visit you sometimes; I will let you know when. I have only one daughter, named Simran, and I live together with my in-laws and my brother in-law who has moved from USA with his family to settle down here in Australia. So at the moment my house is a full house.  It is easier for all of us to deal with the situation when we are together. My in-laws and Nirav’s brother are all sannyasins since a very long time. They are very lucky, they took sannyas in Osho’s presence and I feel lucky too that I have come across such a family where everyone is so nice and full of love.
The meaning of my name is ‘Pure River Water’.  I would like to have a new name but I don’t want to choose it myself. You can tell me whatever is appropriate for me and I will accept it. Also, please send me the mala. What time should I call on Sunday afternoon; will 2 pm be ok with you?
Nirav was not in touch with any of the sannyasins here in Perth, but you can send me their contact information so I will try and talk to them.
Thank you so much for your help.
With love

To: Nirav Vyas
Sent: Thursday, 21 July 2012
Subject: RE: Anandbodh – Nirav Vyas

Beloved Sejal,
Would you like me to send you a new name and a mala? I was happy to hear that you live with your in-laws who are all Osho sannyasins!  It’s good to be able to share Osho’s love and message; you could put the mala on yourself and could have a little celebration together.  I remember hearing Osho talk about us taking sannyas, not him giving it to us. I have heard that Arjun has contacted you; maybe he could come to your house and join in the celebration of you taking sannyas. Have you been able to contact other Osho people living in Perth? I can send the mala tomorrow if you like.
Love and hugs,

Sent: Saturday, 21 July
To: Shahido Reeves
Subject: Re: Anandboth – Nirav Vyas

Beloved Shahido,
How are you? Thanks for replying to my e-mail. Yes, if you could send me the mala and the name, I would really appreciate it. As you suggested, I will have small celebration here with my family and close friends. I haven’t been in contact with any of the sannyasins apart from Arjun.
He said there are not many in Perth though.
Please send me the mala and a new name which you think is good for me.
With love

Sent: Monday, 24 July
From: Shahido Reeves
Subject: Re: Anandboth – Nirav Vyas

Yesterday, July 23rd, I sent Sejal a mala and a new name. I chose Prem Nirupa for her.
Another interesting aspect of this account is that Anand Bodh contacted Maneesha after buying her CD’s from me and I always wondered why he chose to be in contact with Maneesha. Now I feel somehow he knew that he was about to leave the body.
With love, Shahido


Prem Nirupa

 Ma Prem Nirupa

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