Media Watch — 18 August 2012

Excerpt from an interview published in the September issue of the German women’s magazine ‘Emotion’: Meeting: Natalia Wörner “My Luxury is Nature”

Well-known German actress Natalie Wörner is a native of Stuttgart. After finishing high school she studied acting at Lee Strasberg’s Actors Studio and since returning to Germany she performed in more than 3 dozen movies for screen and TV. In 1996 she won the Golden Gong award, and in 2000 the Deutscher Fernsehpreis (German TV Award) for best leading actress. Most notably, she played the role of Ellen in the TV miniseries The Pillars of the Earth in 2009, based on the best-selling book by Ken Follett.

Natalia Wörner said that to her, luxury products don’t mean much – “My luxury is a bit of freedom, a bit of anarchy, a piece of nature. I have now bought a tractor instead of a new Prada handbag!” – said the 44 year-old with reference to her recent investment in a house near Berlin.

Natalia Woerner

“I enjoy spending money, also for others. Because I believe in the theory that it is good when everything is in a flux, also the finances. Right now we are still camping out on the property because the house is only half inhabitable. You’d be amazed at the circumstances under which we live there, but it makes total fun,” said single mother of six year-old Jacob. “I know that fits into the ‘back-to-the-roots’ trend. But it’s great to create a garden with my child, to make a fire at night, and to chug along on a pony across the land. I experience so many things there with Jacob that make life full of quality, and that’s my luxury,” she continued.

Search for meaning is an important issue in her life – she admits she is an admirer of Osho, the founder of the Bhagwan sect: “To me he is significant on many levels,” said Natalia Wörner, who posed for Playboy in 2011. “I think in our Western culture and education there is a lack of awareness about that we all go through incredible internal processes.” Wörner is aware of the often critical evaluation of Osho. She also knows about the allegations that engagement with spirituality is sort of a western luxury hobby. “If one wants to understand spirituality as a fad, then it is surely a more beautiful fad than bungee jumping or such. It is certainly better than people devoting their time to complete nonsense.”