But how sweet it is to wait!

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (32)


I received your letter;
I have been waiting for it ever since I returned.
But how sweet it is to wait!
Life itself is a waiting!

Osho 1973

Seeds wait to sprout,
rivers to reach the ocean.
What does man wait for?
He too is the seed for some tree,
a river for some ocean.

Whoever looks deep inside
finds that a longing for the endless and boundless
is his very being,
and whoever recognizes this
begins his journey towards God
because who can be thirsty and not look for water?
This has never happened and never will!
Where there is longing,
there is thirst for attainment.

I want to make everyone aware of this thirst.
I want to convert everyone’s life into a waiting.
The life that has turned into a waiting for God
is the true life.
All other ways of life are just a waste, a disaster.

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