Corfu my Love!


Sumano’s shots during her ‘alone-time’ on this beautiful Greek island.

150 Sumano Corfu
140 Sumano Corfu
130 Sumano Corfu
125 Sumano Corfu
120 Sumano Corfu
119 Sumano Corfu
118 Sumano Corfu
115 Sumano Corfu
111 Sumano Corfu
110 Sumano Corfu
100 Sumano Corfu
088 Sumano Corfu
085 Sumano Corfu
080 Sumano Corfu
070 Sumano Corfu
060 Sumano Corfu
050 Sumano Corfu

I have been coming to Corfu for the last 4 years to sing with Deva Premal & Miten in Buddha Hall and hang out with new and old friends.

In my alone-time, I love exploring the warm, buzzing nature here with my camera. It slows me down and helps me to really look. It always takes a while to get in ‘the zone’, until I am attentive and slow enough …then the more I look, the more beauty I see. There is so much life around here – the old, old olive trees with cicadas delighting in the heat, the empty beaches in the early morning, old houses in a state of let-go… Always new and different, depending on the time and light…


SumanoSumano studied Sociology until she went to Poona to be with Osho in 1980. There she meditated, trained and worked as a therapist for Primal and Inner Child work, later as Counsellor and Session giver at Osho Mystery School, lived for 13 years in the USA with Osho Academy as group assistant and organiser. The last four and a half years she worked as Event Manager for Deva Premal & Miten, organising their European concert tours and is now open for new projects. sumano (at)

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