Dervish Dream


…a track from Karunesh’s latest CD ‘Colors of the East’:


The main instrument in this track is the duduk, a double-reed woodwind from Armenia. The first time I heard it I immediately fell in love with it – this was years ago. It has a deep and haunting sound which reaches straight into my heart and creates an atmosphere of mystery and longing in me, way back into the past. I can see pictures of endless sand dunes, nomads riding on their camels and dervishes whirling round and round and round…

The haunting sound of the duduk and the sweet sound of the sitar bring me in touch with my own longing and silence within, and help me to let my heart flow into the music. And I am always happy to hear that it touches also the heart of the listeners!

I was lucky to meet Sandro from Switzerland, a multi-instrumentalist and excellent flute player, as well as studio musician. He also plays the duduk which is a very difficult instrument and not easy to be found in the West. The sitar – one of the main Indian instruments and one that everybody knows – is played by my dear friend, Govi.

‘Dervish Dream’ is one of the tracks in Karunesh’s latest world-fusion album ‘Colors of the East’ available at: – CD: – CD: – mp3:

KaruneshKarunesh was born in Cologne in 1956 and became a sannyasin in 1979. He released his first album ‘Sounds of the Heart’ in 1984 which quickly became a classic in the New Age genre. He has played very often for Osho during the White Robe meditation. Karunesh has been living in Hawaii since 1992 and his music has now expanded more and more into World Beat/World Fusion.


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