Horoscope November 2012


Sitara’s horoscope for this month: “Hidden truths are coming to light…”


Scorpio - Sagittarius

Sun 9° Scorpio – 9° Sagittarius
Moon 2° Gemini – 4° Cancer
Mercury 2° Sagittarius – 19° Scorpio
Venus 4° Libra – 11° Scorpio
Mars 18° Sagittarius – 11° Capricorn
Jupiter, retrograde 15° – 12° Gemini
Saturn 3°– 7° Scorpio
Chiron, direct from 14th 5° Pisces
Uranus, retrograde 5° Aries
Neptune, direct from 11th 0° Pisces
Pluto 7° – 8° Capricorn
North node 27° – 25° Scorpio
Lilith 6° – 9° Gemini
New Moon, 13th 22:09h GMT 22° Scorpio
Full Moon, 28th 14:47h GMT 7° Gemini


Mood of the Moment
Hidden truths are coming to light, or it is becoming obvious now that certain issues haven’t yet been explored to the very depth. Often it takes many conversations in order to gain clarity: sometimes we search our souls or sometimes deliberately apply our analytical capacities. Always aim to look at things from all sides before this process, which may last into December, can come to a close. It leads us closer to self-realization; for each person this is on the level most adequate to him/her, i.e. psychologically, socially, spiritually, or existentially. Without involvement, however, results will remain mediocre. In other words, it is about sincerely grappling for one’s own truth – which can be uncomfortable. Shortcuts, however, inevitably lead to a dead-end.

Go on watching your mind, how pretentious it is. It goes on saying many things which it has not experienced. This is dishonesty, this is cheating. If you don’t know a thing, say it clearly to yourself and to others: ‘I don’t know.’ That honesty will help you. If you have known something, only then say that you know. And you will be unburdened – because ninety-nine percent of the knowledge that you carry is just a burden. It is not your experience, it is borrowed. And all that is borrowed is untrue – from whom you have taken it doesn’t make any difference. You may have taken it from a man who knew – you may have taken it from Kabir or Christ or Krishna – that doesn’t make much difference. From whom you borrow it doesn’t make any difference; the moment you borrow it, it is false. Truth cannot be borrowed.”

Osho, The Revolution, Ch 1

The last third of November is about relationships for the individual, particularly erotic ones – while aggression or liberation issues – militaristic, economic or social strife, competition, labour battles etc – come to the fore for the collective. The energy is high and challenging; it may turn extremely destructive or else extremely constructive. Breakthroughs are just as possible as breakdowns. Essential now: be ready to radically question your own position.


AriesAries: For the first three weeks, you’ll still feel the aftereffects of the Uranus-Pluto Square, at first mainly in your relationships, later on more around work issues. Changes seem to be due everywhere. On the whole, you tend to be impatient or a bit egocentric. Since the energy is very high now it needs to be used creatively. Experiment with new ways of relating, new forms of sexuality, and new approaches to your daily work. In the last week of November, you can reap the fruits and really get going.


TaurusTaurus: A month with high potential; invite new things into your life and extend your boundaries. To begin with, conflicts might happen. Issues of early summer are now becoming actual, requiring a deeper analysis (yet not a conclusion.) Trust that a good solution is in store for you in the long run, but don’t shun your responsibility here now. Most of all this requires that you face the issue squarely. The more you manage it, the more strength comes your way – and the more positive your relationships will become.


GeminiGemini: Now is a time for enlarging your inner horizon and finding meaning. However, there will be some delusions and confusions. Everything concerned with love, friendship and creativity is in a flux; but even here, be on guard for possible misunderstandings. Particularly around mid-month, you may firmly believe in, represent or do something that is largely, if not utterly, off the wall. So be alert. Otherwise, you will just have to set things right by the end of November or beginning of December.


CancerCancer: Until mid-month, your need for rest will be thwarted again and again; therefore, seek for peace within yourself instead of wanting things out there to be harmonious. Meditation, singing, prayer, dance or outdoor exercise will help you stay in balance. Yet ultimately it is about the ability to accept the sunny sides as much as the shadow sides of outer and inner life – keep looking for that which is beyond duality and change: one, eternal, boundless and free.


LeoLeo: You are on a deep-sea voyage. That may imply different things: encountering your past, being alone, or an intense search for the truth – no matter what level. This is no time for compromise, but rather for facing uncomfortable facts and striving for creative solutions. This will turn out particularly well in the last third of November. Be flexible and don’t make impossible demands on anybody; but don’t betray your values either – and don’t lose track of your objectives.


VirgoVirgo: Gradually new possibilities open up again, your optimism is on the increase and you become aware again of the abundance of life in which you live and which is your real being. Seek the companionship of spiritual fellow travellers with whom you share the longing for true realization. Towards the end of November, you have good chances to find genuine friends. However, you need to be ready to grant others (who may not all be up to your standards) their human side. Take it easy!


LibraLibra: The beginning of the month demands an unequivocal commitment to your own truth. Even if this doesn‘t yet find outward expression, there should be clarity about it within yourself. That being the case, nothing can disturb your flow anymore, for you are in tune with yourself and open for whatever life may bring. By the end of the month, Saturn will throw you back onto yourself and changes will take longer than you would wish for. If you uncompromisingly rely on your inner strength, a powerful dynamic will evolve that works for you.


ScorpioScorpio: Among your relationship resources are the readiness to face even painful issues, to persevere in dire straits, to accept things as they are instead of fight them, and last but not least being open to explore sexuality. In the second half of the month, watch yourself closely: are you as sure of things as you make out? Ask yourself how you would feel if people talked to you the way you talk to them – and if need be, correct your way of communication.


SagittariusSagittarius: In the first half of the month, the mind creates confusions and misunderstandings. Your resource is the heart. Stick to your heart – this will guide you safely and happily even through mental turmoil. Basically you know what you really want and where to find true freedom. Nevertheless at the end of the month be prepared to make concessions, even if you would rather forge ahead. Without your input, breakthroughs will come about, albeit not in all areas you would like.


CapricornCapricorn: This month might become a little taxing. But remember: the more belligerent you become, the more resistance will pile up before you. Proceeding in a conciliatory, accommodating, circumspect and rather slow way, promises better results. In the second half of the month, considerable powers will be available to you, plus opportunities to relax will increase. Bring balance and restfulness into your life, consider others when making plans, and base you actions on a fair and mature attitude.


AquariusAquarius: It’s about freedom as well as power. You are under duress because people are making demands on you that you are unwilling to fulfil. You must, however, be ready to pay the price of freedom, which at first consists in a certain loss of power. If you are able to take this into account, you will experience an enormous relief, for now you have nothing to lose: Finally, you are in a position to think, feel, and act without depending on people or circumstances. By the end of the month, new doors will open.


PiscesPisces: Take care that your agreements are clear and that you only make decisions when you have a full overview of the situation. Apart from that, this is a month with extraordinarily beautiful and supportive constellations: three planets are pampering you – Venus with love and beauty, Mars with energy and authority, and Saturn with centred clarity. Also the sun shines on you benevolently. By the end of November you should be grateful and contented enough to be able to gladly make the necessary compromises.



Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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