Earth is a Living Entity

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John Trudell is an American Indian philosopher, poet, musician, actor, and outspoken activist.

The following is an excerpt from the John Trudell Documentary:

John Trudell

Earth is a living entity. It is not in man’s destiny to destroy the Earth. That’s arrogance. What it is man’s destiny to do is destroy civilized man’s ability to live with the Earth. We as human beings, if we take responsibility for our lives, and live our lives in a coherent manner, as coherent as we possibly can anyway, then we will have an influence in curing this disease. But Earth will not allow… the antibiotic will come, in a planetary sense. If it means opening up the ozone [layer] and letting it wipe out civilized man, then the Earth will do that. The Earth will continue on.

Maybe we should be developing our loyalties to this planet, this Earth, our future and our descendants, more than we should be to the governing political systems that have created all these problems. Most people are trying to find solutions to the problems, but they’re trying to do it within the confined abstractions of democracy. If we’re not willing to think objectively about our responsibilities towards our own descendants, then we will come up with no solutions. That will only perpetuate the enslavement and feeding.”

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