Horoscope January 2013


The year beings with a spiritual reorientation.


White scorpio symbol

Sun 11° Capricorn – 12° Aquarius
Moon 21° Leo – 10° Libra
Mercury 1° Capricorn – 22° Aquarius
Venus 20° Sagittarius – 29° Capricorn
Mars 5° – 29° Aquarius
Jupiter, retrograde 8° – 6° Gemini
Saturn 10°– 11° Scorpio
Chiron 6° – 8° Pisces
Uranus 5° – 6° Aries
Neptune 1° – 2° Pisces
Pluto 9° – 10° Capricorn
North node 25° – 22° Scorpio
Lilith 12° – 16° Gemini
New Moon, 27th, 6.38h GMT 7° Leo
Full Moon, 11th, 21.43h GMT 22° Capricorn


Mood of the Moment

The year begins with a spiritual reorientation. First and foremost an inventory needs to be prepared and because Pluto is part of the game, this inventory should be as honest as possible. Only when one’s own truth is reflected unbroken in life will Pluto and Uranus be satisfied. If not, it requires either the correction of the mode of life or of one’s life philosophy. Those failing to do so will be pushed by Uranus and Pluto in a not-so-gentle way. Once the mental attitude has been analyzed and clarified, the topic of love and relationships continues. The question is whether both have space in one’s own life and whether the space they occupy corresponds to one’s own values. This matter, too, will become more and more pressing during the year. During January, Neptune supports us with a willingness to let go, Chiron with the knowledge that everything takes its own time, and Saturn with the capability to take concrete steps.

During the last third of January optimism, ease and independence grow; on the other hand so does the tendency to apply standards that are too narrow and absolute. Socially, these two currents could collide violently. Individually it is appropriate to give energy to expansion, being aware of all narrowing tendencies without pursuing them.


AriesAries: Your power phase continues. At the end of the first week there could be a couple of hurdles that are best tackled by slowing down and probing for what lies beneath the surface. In the second half of the month, it’s about investing energy into relationships that are important to you. Other people need more commitment and reliability and if you don’t compromise a little in this regard, they could turn away frustrated. At least continue to communicate and listen carefully.


TaurusTaurus: Even though this month brings challenges, there are always ways to come to rest. Meditation, enjoying art, wellness, but also being together with people help you to refuel. Uranus and Pluto are again shaking up established structures that no longer serve their purpose. Instead of ignoring their message as long as possible, it is better to simply make the necessary changes. If you don’t know what you ought to do, start with small modifications.


GeminiGemini: In the first half of the month it seems that your search for meaning is constantly thwarted by the practical demands of your life. Lower your expectations on both counts otherwise you will constantly inflict pain on yourself. In the last third of the month the tide turns, you feel lighter and see more possible solutions. If ideal and reality still don’t match, examine your priorities honestly. Sometimes spiritual issues don’t allow compromises.


CancerCancer: In the first third of the month you can elaborate your vision for this year by meeting and sharing with people. With the New Moon start laying down foundations and then dedicate yourself to ensuring that they find the expression desired by you. In the last third of the month, Jupiter will carry you on wings. He gives you courage, self-confidence and the necessary charisma for others to support you and pull together. Trust in yourself, the stars are in your favour!


LeoLeo: The first half of January could be a little sober, while in the second half enjoyment is on the increase. Around the 20th of January the workings of the mind are crystal clear. With the Sun entering into Aquarius, open yourself up to other people. Now you can benefit greatly by meetings; they broaden your horizon and inspire you to think and act in ways that go beyond your current framework. But don’t worry, everything fits harmoniously into your life, gives you buoyancy, enriches and fulfills you.


VirgoVirgo: Be optimistic but don’t expect miracles. Your confidence will help you overcome even the most difficult phases easily and better, instead of granting too much space to doubts and fears.  Confidence allows your heart to remain open. The second half of the month is about confronting spiritual questions and possibly realizing that some important issues are still open. This may be painful, but only if you stand up to them do they have a chance to reveal their answer.


LibraLibra: You are starting the New Year in good spirits. Maintain this trusting attitude, it can work wonders. Look at situations realistically, but don’t ever lose the higher perspective. It will enable you to experiment with new ways to question the framework of your life so far. Go about your life creatively, find novel forms. With Pluto, radical steps could be needed but not to worry, you won’t lose the ground beneath your feet.


ScorpioScorpio: January is about finding the right balance between easiness and liability in relationships. Getting involved does not necessarily imply seriousness and heaviness, let alone drama and emotional tsunamis. To consider that your projections are not necessarily the ultimate wisdom gives you maturity and self-responsibility. Now it is time to recognize the depth of your feelings, rather than trying to escape the vulnerability induced by them.


SagittariusSagittarius: Even if you start off the New Year full of zest, the first half of January has challenges on the ready. Misunderstandings can arise because we communicate or feel on different levels. Don’t take things too seriously but consider them as an expression of normal human interaction. To compensate for all this, the last third of January is a true joy. Do not cut back, but surrender completely to life and enjoy its gifts to the fullest. What you are about to start now offers the very best opportunities.


CapricornCapricorn: Uranus and Pluto have you back in their sights. Now things are simply not as envisaged in your concepts. Whenever you are angry or disappointed, rest assured that you are holding on to something that you should best let go. In the second third of January, it’s about your relationship patterns. Again, let go of what makes you unhappy. Rather, find out what you really need. In the last third of the month, determine which people fit in with that and don’t hold on to those who can’t give it to you.


AquariusAquarius: Thinking and acting now go hand in hand. Mid-month it is all about your well-known theme: independence in relationships. How much freedom can love handle? At the moment, the key is to be found in an amicable agreement. Only if communication is lost, is a relationship in danger. In the second half of the month it’s back to questions of meaning. As long as you don’t become set on ideas that only serve to strengthen your identity, this promises to be a great time.


PiscesPisces: You are flowing, clear, affectionate, imaginative and pleasantly free from illusions. Enjoy being with other people and find ways to share on all levels. Go for a walk together, visit a concert, meditate, paint, or go to the sauna – whatever it may be, enter fully into it and enjoy the moment as it is. In the second half of January a tendency creeps in to always look discontentedly at what could perhaps be even better. Remain in the silence of the heart.



Sitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 12 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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