Prayer to Love, the Track!


Listen to the title track of the new CD by Parijat.


This is the title track from my new album ‘Prayer to Love’ which has just been released. The first instrument you hear is a Gu Zheng. It is a Chinese harp (in Gm) which I intuitively play with ease. Despite the jump in location I found that an Iranian voice would fit in perfectly when tuned to the Gu Zheng. This was magically fitting.

To give the piece a bit more earth I used the Indian tabla (another jump in location) from a professional iphone app of recording quality. It is a marvellous musical enrichment. Then I added my nylon guitar picking to the piece to carry the Gu Zheng and the voice.

All these different flavours felt like a beautiful journey in music, particularly because the composing and recording of the piece went so smoothly and effortlessly.


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Parijat with his Gu ZhengTrained since his early childhood on the mandolin and classical guitar, Parijat is a life-long musician and composer. Having grown weary of the technical nature and complicated sophistication of his classical training, he reconnected with his love for music while in India. His time there allowed him to rekindle his creativity and taught him that the true spirit and nature of his creativity was cultivated in a simple and innocent place. Parijat lives and works in his native Germany. –

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